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40 Simple Lenten Activities for Kids

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If you do not know anything, and yet want to thrust your conclusion, you are merely showing that your intention is to cast allegations because of your personal hatred.
a. Provide us your qualifications, so that we can associate a scholar who can intelligently discuss the mantras. But if someone has not learned calculus, the formula for volume of a sphere cannot be explained.
b. Instead of asking us to prove why Dayanand s translation is better, you explain why it is wrong and griffith is right. Explain which word has been translated wrongly, and why. And why should Grifith s translation be accepted.

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I would strongly advise against buying a place until you have a good feel for an area, as buying and selling property is both expensive and time consuming and it''s worth getting right the first time.

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If Max Muller wants to translate Veda samhitas badly so people cannot see wisdom in them, so WHY He translated upanishads so full of wisdom?

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8776 It is republic which I’d whole democracy thing is just a wool continuously pulled to keep people preoccupied. Democratic government heeds and cares for majority and I n this regard USA government is not democracy. 8776

It 8767 s like this: we (US) is like the Chinese Empire was in its decline and fall. Corruption is everywhere, and it 8767 s all for sale. We know that, but then we excuse it as 8775 globalism 8776 which is necessary or even 8775 good 8776 or anyway it 8767 s too late to turn it around.

Electricity is well mixed up with Prana and Apana, the 7 horsepowers, yoked to power of speech. Electric power has the striking power of a deadly weapon and is full of brilliance.

China tried democracy. It was short-lived and didn 8767 t work out too well. The democratic-elected president Yuan, sick and tired of all of the political bickering, infighting, and impasses and drunk from his own ambition, declared himself emperor. Anti-Yuan revolutionaries immediately started. War broke out and the warlords ruled different parts of China. More wars followed, with the KMT and the Communist party(CPC) left being the major players. Japan invaded. the KMT and the CPC declared truce with each other and fought the Japanese. 8-year war with Japan. Over 75 million Chinese died. WWII ended Japan surrendered. 9 more years of civil war between KMT and CPC. Millions more died.

Rig Veda
8775 This earth is devoid of hands and legs, yet it moves ahead. All the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun.

In this mantra,
Kshaa = Earth (refer Nigantu )
Ahastaa = without hands
Apadee = without legs
Vardhat = moves ahead
Shushnam Pari = Around the sun
Pradakshinit = revolves

This all shows the inter-related Sciences to Astronomy, as the Cosmic Universal Truths, the origins of the Stars themselves, from which the Hindus credit their own sciences, through their planetary rulers, the Devas or Gods (Shining Ones).

Can u please please tell me vedic mantra to increase the height and how it has to be chanted please bring out the treasure of knowledge that Indian saints had

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