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White Supremacist Threatens to Sue News Outlet Over

Дата публикации: 2017-09-13 13:27

Per the Business Insider report, after Facebook management shut down the group, posters featuring an anime character and the words “Silenced, but not silent” began appearing across the company’s campus.

Facebook Shut Down a Conservative 'FB Anon' Group

But the WSJ report notes management’s response to the FB Anon group “illustrates Facebook’s struggle to cultivate open, freewheeling debate, while still following company rules of decency to not alienate employees with racist and sexist views”—and one casualty of the shutdown was another anonymous page for female and minority employees to discuss allegations of mistreatment at the company.

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It’s unclear why Gionet would continue to claim that AJ Plus photoshopped that image of him when he tweeted it himself. But it seems unlikely that he would’ve been so emboldened without Donald Trump in the White House. Society will always have sad white men who blame racial minorities or women or Jews for their own frustrations in life. But it’s a terrifying change to see that represented so forcefully in the White House.

Presumably Gionet created the image, though he has not responded to Gizmodo’s request for comment, calling Gizmodo a “ shit news outlet.” It’s unclear on what grounds Gionet would sue, but one possibility that has been raised by his supporters is “defamation.” But that would present the question of whether a photo you publish online of yourself could be considered defamatory in some bizarre way.

But then President Trump’s equivocating came into play the following Tuesday and the white supremacists were once again emboldened. Trump held an infamously combative press conference where he said that there were “ very fine people ” on both sides. And his Phoenix rally the following week was like a big green light for those who espouse hatred and bigotry throughout the country.

Others have raised the possibility that Gionet could sue for being called a white supremacist. But then we start to get into questions of who gets to define the words we commonly ascribe to ideologies of hatred and bigotry. If you surround yourself with people doing Nazi salutes and chanting “blood and soil,” a famous Nazi slogan , can you claim that you’re somehow not a neo-Nazi? Are you “alt-right” just because you say you are?

Baked Alaska, whose real name is Tim Gionet, has been a key figure in organizing the new coalition of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and other white supremacists online. And he helped bring that online movement into the physical world on August 66th and 67th when he attended the infamous Charlottesville tiki torchlight rally and was scheduled to speak at the neo-Nazi rally the following day.

White supremacists on Twitter were particularly energized when Trump said the word “Antifa,” when describing the “thugs” who opposed him. Neo-Nazis on Twitter have devoted an enormous amount of time and effort since Charlottesville to get those on the left to denounce the leaderless Antifa movement. And some of it has worked just as cynically as they had hoped, with spineless Democrats like Nancy Pelosi denouncing the anti-fascists.

Gionet, like so many members of the so-called alt-right, doesn’t like being called a white supremacist or a neo-Nazi. This, despite the fact that he spreads the same hate-filled rhetoric as other neo-Nazis by repeating the 69 Words , saying that the Holocaust is fake news , and attending rallies where he shouts “hail victory,” the English translation of “ sieg heil.”

It’s not entirely clear from the WSJ report or another article on Business Insider what kinds of racist or sexist comments were getting posted to the FB Anon group. One post cited in the WSJ account seemed along the lines of fired Google engineer James Damore-style bigotry masquerading as scientific truth , arguing Facebook had lowered its standards to admit more female engineers. Frankly, considering this particular president’s supporters, it would be surprising if there wasn’t some debate over who is or isn’t a “cuck.”