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CMA Policy: CMA Code of Ethics

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Includes basic operations with algebraic expressions and solving simple algebraic equations using signed numbers with emphasis on applications. Credits not applicable toward graduation.

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Teaches theoretical and practical aspects of soils and other growing media. Examines media components, chemical and physical properties, and soil organisms. Discusses management and conservation.

How does the media affect real life nursing?

Examines morphology, genetics, physiology, ecology, and control of microorganisms. Emphasizes application of microbiological techniques to selected fields.

Patients and Doctors — The Evolution of a Relationship

Will my health care provider honor my preferences as expressed in my Living Will?
Generally, the answer is yes. Occasionally, however, a health care provider may be reluctant to comply on moral or ethical grounds. In that case, it is the provider&rsquo s responsibility to arrange for another provider who is comfortable with your wishes.

Focuses on the interpretation of basic electrocardiograms (ECG) and their significance. Includes an overview of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, including structure, function, and electrical conduction in the heart. Covers advanced concepts that build on the knowledge and skills of basic dysrhythmia determination and introduction to 67 lead ECG.

Books and Newspapers
If you&rsquo re interested in obtaining a paperback book, magazine or newspaper, ask your nurse, a volunteer or another member of your patient care team. You or they can call the Volunteer Office at 96-5798 to request reading material.

Provides knowledge of the development of a business plan, which can be used to acquire capital and serve as a management guide. Combines knowledge that has been acquired in the areas of planning, management, and finance, using proforma statements and marketing. Covers internet searching techniques. Recommended as a capstone course.

(c) Psychologists using the services of an interpreter obtain informed consent from the client/patient to use that interpreter, ensure that confidentiality of test results and test security are maintained, and include in their recommendations, reports, and diagnostic or evaluative statements, including forensic testimony, discussion of any limitations on the data obtained. (See also Standards , Delegation of Work to Others , Maintaining Confidentiality , Bases for Assessments , Interpreting Assessment Results and , Assessment by Unqualified Persons.)

Studies food composition, dietary guidelines, and nutrients essential to healthy human life. Analyzes nutrient function and metabolism.

Prerequisites: General admission to the college. Students must successfully complete all placement tests and have an interview with the program head to determine interests, motivation, and aptitudes related to dental lab technology.

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