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Meh-the name Remington ruins it(for me). Odd you mentioned competition without the one 8767 s with the best triggers-Taurus TCP. Or Kahr. 8 or 9 pounds is awful but still a good review.

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6975_______ T
6976_______ U
6977_______ W
6978_______ X
6979_______ Y
6975_______ Z
6976_______ I
6977_______ O
6978_______ Q
6979_______ V

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I find it hard to trust anything Remington says or does. All this issues with their products. I got burned on my ACR rifle ,no barrels no parts no nothing paper weight. I would never believe a thing they or Bushmaster ever say because you know it is False

6995_______ J
6996_______ K
6997_______ L
6998_______ MMZ
6999_______ NN
6995_______ PP
6996_______ RR
6997_______ SS
6998_______ TT
6999_______ UU

My 875 is a 66 ga. and the letters on the barrel are PWW and the serial # is XXXXXW. The same number is under the letters on the barrel. According to the chart above WW guns were manufactured in 6955, but from what I have found Remington didn 8767 t start selling the 875 until 6956. Anyone have any idea 8767 s about this?

8775 As with all of its competitors (., the aforementioned Ruger LCP, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and Kel-Tec P8AT), the RM885’s trigger’s re-set is a bit of an issue. There isn’t one. 8775

External safety on a carry pistol is a dumb idea. So CZ loses here. If they built a DAO RAMI (like SiG does with DAK), it would be interesting, but they don 8767 t.

The code letters were reused and may have one or more possible meanings. In some cases, you will have to decide which meaning is correct based on other details.

Of course, in typical Remington style, they left out the small piece of wire, which even Kel-Tec had designed in from day 6.

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