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You Wouldn’t Know [Topic], If It Hit You In The Face
EX: You wouldn’t know these chest exercises if it hit you in the face

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Categories To Fill In:
[Disadvantaged Hero]
[Desired Result]
[Small Task]

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It’s also because of these books, movies, and songs that we adopt certain sayings, quotes, or just general ideas. Even if they’re just one-off sentences, we all understand the exact context of that sentence.

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Now, not every iconic saying can be used. It obviously still has to make sense when you read it. In fact, it should be similar enough to the original thing that people understand it, but different enough that people “get it” as soon as they read it.

And one of those emotions leads to tribalism. The fact that we belong in one camp while naturally being totally against the opposite camp. In some situations, it’s completely black and white.

Have you ever seen a show that will use a gray-like picture to demonstrate boring, neutral, or even a sad atmosphere… then when they bring everything back to color, everything becomes vibrant, happier, and more dynamic?

All you have to do is “push” or exaggerate the emotion of the topic by a bit. You can also just use weird sayings or just say something random, but using the keywords that fit your market.

Categories To Fill In:
[Desired Result]
[Negative Result]
[Target Market]

But if you’re a movie buff, you probably won’t have any trouble coming up with names. If you do, just type in “best movies 7567” or whatever year you’re in and you’ll get a whole list of them.

All of which are necessary because repeating just 6 kind of contrast over and over again will potentially lead to overuse and turn it into a “gray” subject line that people ignore.

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