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Speaking more broadly but still using the Harryverse as an example, I think a HUGE way female authors write female characters wrong is by holding them to a different standard than their male characters. For example, when Draco makes Hermione 8767 s teeth grow to a ghastly length, he 8767 s a TERRIBLE SLYTHERIN PERSON WHO IS GOING TO KILL PUPPIES FOR VOLDEMORT ONE DAY. But when Hermione gives Marietta the worst acne scars ever, it 8767 s not only justified retribution, it 8767 s friggin 8767 hilarious! Laugh, children, laugh at the silly conflicted girl whose face was terribly mutilated for a moment of moral weakness! Aren 8767 t the Gryffindors wonderful?

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I am not an Anime/Manga devotee, but doesn 8767 t 8775 Tsundere 8776 also connote a certain amount of caprice, that there is a lot of switching about between raging bitch and cutesy/romantic/lovestruck/dopey?

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Hell yes!!!!! Now that I have perspective, I am starting to see how silly I have been. Another one to add is, I will not be their slave cleaning, cooking, serving, doing their laundry!

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Umm no, that 8767 s still abusive as fuck no matter which way it 8767 s going. Her being female shouldn 8767 t make it any less abusive. Considering that nearly half of all domestic abuse victims are male, it is highly offensive that you would imply that it 8767 s not abusive if a woman does it.

That one 8767 s key for me. The character has exceptional qualities or skills or abilities, and that helps make them interesting. But it 8767 s not super duper cooler just because they 8767 re a woman. They 8767 re already characteristics, so let them speak for themselves.

I hope you don 8767 t mind me adding my ha 8767 penny worth about points 66 and 67. 66 by itself makes good sense, but point 67 only covers one reason a women might do that. The juxtaposition makes point 67 look rather definitive there 8767 s no hint there might be other reasons. I got a little up in arms when I read it because a dear female relative who is no kind of shallow at all, is still capable at the age of 75-something of glaring daggers at women in too-tight jeans when she doesn 8767 t think they 8767 re looking. She might claim something about morality, but I know her well enough to see it 8767 s not, it 8767 s just a part of her. She 8767 s normally as kind as a summer day but sometimes her 8775 claws come out 8776 for no real reason at all.

I think a large part of the reason why she works is because, well, she hasn 8767 t got much in the way of competition (the female Mass Effect squadmates are probably the biggest ones) and because she feels like she 8767 s competent on her own (which has the side effect of making her an excellent videogame companion, because you never really have to escort her in some places, she 8767 s the one escorting you. )

Also, some women are shy of their large busts, but most realise that they can either wear clothes that reveal this fact to all and sundry, or dress like frumps for the rest of their lives.

Fireshark, in Eldest, Paolini describes one female character as 8775 matronly 8776 ..and calls attention t the knife hilt between her boobs. He also lets us know that just smiling makes them jiggle, and at one point she 8775 pats her bosom affectionately. 8776

Gionet’s interview, also Thursday, was an astounding example of cognitive dissonance. Portnoy attacked Gionet for his stale Holocaust jokes, repeatedly called him a Nazi and in favor of white power, and screamed at him for the majority of the call.