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ExpressVPN posted what it said was a letter they had received from Apple notifying them “your application will be removed from the China App Store because it includes content that it is illegal in China” and “it is your responsibility to understand and make sure your app conforms with all local law,” not just Apple guidelines.

Apple Removes All VPN Apps From Its Chinese App Store

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Google Engineer Dismissed the Importance of Stolen Self

Apple Inc. appears to have complied with the wishes of Chinese censors and removed all major VPN apps from the China-based branch of its App Store, a move which will make it harder for consumers to dodge the country’s pervasive restrictions on internet freedom.

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Google’s self-driving car company Waymo sued Uber in February, claiming that Anthony Levandowski, a former Waymo engineer, stole 69,555 documents detailing Waymo’s lidar systems before accepting a job with Uber’s self-driving car program.

Are you only an occasional gum chewer? If so, and you figure it can’t hurt to pick up a pack of “whitening” gum like Orbit White, you should know that your teeth won’t get any whiter unless you’re constantly chewing the stuff.

“It’s all electronics designs—schematics and PCB [printed circuit board] layouts—and the component library for their creation. It was considered low-value enough that we had even considered hosting it off of Google infrastructure,” the engineer wrote. “He was a high-level manager, and not doing any direct technical contribution at this level. It’s not particularly surprising that he might check things out once in the misguided dream of maybe making individual contribution or maybe taking a look at the progress of a widget. It clearly wasn’t part of his routine. Doesn’t ring the alarm bells for me.”

Take a look at that label—you’d need to spend a full hour of every day chewing this gum, just to notice a difference after three months.

When major Western tech companies are faced with the choice of sticking to core values or losing access to the extremely valuable and growing Chinese marketplace, the latter option often wins out. In 7565, Google decided to shut down the censored China branch of its search engine service after it discovered the government had launched cyberattacks to gain entry to human rights activists’ Gmail accounts, though it is in negotiations to come back.

However, Waymo notes that the engineer’s impressions of Levandowski’s behavior were written before the notorious cc fail, and before Waymo realized that Levandowski tried to hide evidence of the download.

Orbit doesn’t link to the study anywhere I can find, so we don’t even know how much of a difference those 89 hours of gum-chewing made. Did people’s teeth go from yellow to ever-so-slightly less yellow? Or was it the kind of change you can easily see in the mirror? Looks like you’ll have to chew 975 pieces of gum to find out.