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I also would like to post that I am open to all ethnicity, but Asians in particular make me melt. I love all men, all shapes, all sizes, as long as they can make me feel loved and I can love them in return. I 8767 d also like to add I love all Asian types, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, I 8767 m not sure if I listed them all, but let me know if I didn 8767 t. 


I think we need to respect Heather 8767 s opinion whether we agree or not.
I for one like to be open minded about dating, trying not to get sucked into the stereotype thing.
Attraction is a very personal thing and if its there on a two way basis thats great. 
There are alot of people who judge a book by its cover but its their loss. Their losing out on the chance to find a great story inside!

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actually, i 8767 m an Asian female and i 8767 ll tell you it 8767 s not PURE preference. Desire, what we desire can be a colonized space, especially with western media and Asian stereotypes. if you date outside your heritage over and over, that 8767 s says something about the persons mentality. They need to de-colonize.

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If you like Asians it 8767 s fine i love asians too.
have u tryed to like other races like Hispanics blacks or Europe ppl I like white girls and Matt we didn 8767 t get nazi tech we have out own tech USA tech yea we get some from others make me into USA made

Of course we Finns are in fact 65% Asian (Mongoloid) anyway and some Finns look a little bit Asian. So I dont find Asian people that different looking. I see them simply as people.

Interesting testimony.  My friend showed me this website and I must admit I am one of those Asian males who finds the whole IR dating thing to be a 8775 fetish. 8776   So the author and many others would be deeply offended by my viewpoints.  I guess if the whole world thought as she did the world would be a much more peaceful and tolerant place.  I grew up in Canada and while there isn 8767 t much open racism here I am like many visible minorities and feel that most white people are racist and cannot be trusted completely.  I get along with most people but I think biases are innate for all people.  Prejudice is a natural thing most people would agree but when I see a person who is solely interested in a particular race I immediately think something is wrong with her/him.

I'm an Asian girl. I don't date Asian guys. Yep, I'm one of those that date lots and lots of (mostly, but not always) white guys.

Thanks for that comment. I wasn 8767 t intending to troll, but I can understand your perspective. Of course, the article itself could then be accused of trolling. Anyway, I hope my comment doesn 8767 t upset anyone. It 8767 s just my personal feeling. 

It 8767 s how I feel about dating, which I still haven 8767 t done because I guess having intelligence is almost becoming a pre-requisite for me. I 8767 m usually quiet but I do like having a good yarn with anyone about anything. Most of the time it 8767 s usually my cynicism which somehow is a positive for me in terms of humour and conversation. It doesn 8767 t sound like a lot to ask at all, who knows, maybe it might suit me?

we dont need white women or give a shiet about whites, us asians just want to do our thing, but if whites are guna get in our way, be prepared for a long rivary, most asian men prefer non-whites/blacks

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