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Urdu Sexy Kahanya: Jawani Ka Nasha - Urdu Sexy Story

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Assalam Valaikum!
Masha Allah!! kay Madina ki jitni bhi tasveerain hain, bohut khoob hai.
Jazak Allah!

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I just have the only and best pride in my life that 8775 The Allah, Almighty 8776 has blessed me an opportunity in 7568 to visit his 8775 Home 8776 and 8775 Madina Pak 8776 .Allah Rab-e-Karim her Muslim ko yeh saadat naseeb farmaye, Ameen.

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Masjid al-Qiblatain, Madina. Masjid al-Qiblatain (المسجد القبلتین) (Mosque of the two Qiblas) is a mosque in Madina in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while leading the prayer was commanded by Allah to change the direction of prayer ( qibla ) from Jerusalem to Mecca. Thus it uniquely contained two prayer niches ( mihrabs ). Recently the mosque was renovated, removing the old prayer niche facing Jerusalem and leaving the one facing Mecca. The Qiblatain Mosque is among the three earliest mosques in Islam 8767 s history, along with Quba Mosque and Masjid an-Nabawi.

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Assalamo Alaikum.
Subhan Allah! Excellent and beautiful pictures!! Meri Duaa hai kay Allah sub ko Crore dafaa Khawab may Nabi (SAW) ki zayarat aur sub ko Crore dafaa Roza-e-Rasool ki zayarat naseeeb farmaye, Aameen.

Jaakallah khairan, very nice and rare pics of Jannat ul Baqi and others, Maasha Allah! Please keep these pics here always!

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My desire is to see the Haramain al Shareefain so many times in my life and at the end of my life I die in Madina, buried in Jannat ul Baqi near Roza-e-Rasool (Hazrat Muhammad Sullallaho Alihay wa aalehee Wasallam).

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