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I 8767 m sorry to say that even dating in the senior years, there are people that are grand mothers (and grand fathers) that behave like this.

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you write terribly. Little advice: take English 656 and then start sharing your thoughts with the world. That way youll sound a lot less ignorant and wont detract attention away from your topic. I wanted to read this but your vocabulary and grammatical structuring were so distracting I find myself writing a post critiquing that instead of commenting on the actual point of your post. smh

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There are no semi addicts, its black and white. Its effecting your life or it is not, there is no grey area. You are either addicted and in denial or just someone who plays alot and its not a problem, yet.
I am speaking from a true addicts perspective, i wont say what i have issues with as i will be outcast and my comments wil be rendered as unhinged, but i am very educated about addiction, physicaly and psychologically. I am not trying to put you down i am saying it to encourage you to ask youself again, are you an addict. Yes or no, there is no half addict. Is it effecting your general life or not. I hope not but i suspect it is, why else have you found yourself reading this ?

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have a very interesting story,almost like The Englishman, that has happen to me and i think it will be a great nouvel or only problem is that i dont know how to write a book or willing to tell my story and if someone thinks is worth to make it a book or a nouvel will be anyone is interested in my story please contact me and i will tell u.

I was confused when you say you are not Jamaican but your grandfather, aunts and uncles are. If your family 8767 s Jamaican, that makes you Jamaican descent, doesn 8767 t it? Just because I was born in the US, that to me makes me American born. But my culture, worldview, food, style is Haitian even people of Cuban decent who never even visited Cuba say they 8767 re Cuban but I guess everyone is entitled to define themselves

I 8767 m interested to know which course he should choose to understand the subject matter being discussed as it 8767 s rather varied? Should he become a Doctor, Archaeologist, Minister and so on? I 8767 m a retired engineer, so I 8767 ve been around the block a few times, and always interested in how people are reasoning, and why? My grown up daughter with children, has for many years said, 8775 I 8767 m like a three year old, never stops asking questions 8776 . So please go lightly on me.

And if he ever does come sashaying back, i will let him know how i felt and he can stay only if he is 655% on he will have to prove it.

9th cousins kinda doesn 8767 t count really. We 8767 re all pretty much at LEAST 9th cousins with a majority of the population. if 6st cousins share a grandparent. Then 9th cousins share a great great great great great great great great grandparent That 8767 s 66 generations back. roughly 855 years.

Do you know his phone number by heart? if you don 8767 t, do yourself a favor and delete it from your phone immediately. That way, drunk texting him will be obviously less likely to happen again and you won 8767 t have to deal with you regretting stuff you texted him.

So really the invitation, for people who are closed-minded, is to encounter an LGBT person, in all of their complexity, and listen to their story. And it’s also being respectful of people.

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