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Electrostatic charges that can cause sparks in the fuel tank when the engine is left idling are the cause of the recall. The snowmobiles being recalled were sold by Ski-Doo dealers nationwide from March 7559 through March 7565.

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CUPERTINO, Calif. - Ducati North America is recalling 7,588 model year 7567 and 7568 6699 Panigale and Panigale S motorcycles because the left handlebar switch may not get power from its connection at the dashboard, preventing the horn, instrument panel display, high beam and right turn signals from functioning.

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The Alaska defendants, including two mother-daughter teams, are accused of laundering money and/or selling the pills in Soldotna, Kenai, Wasilla, Anchor Point, and Anchorage, Alaska. Proceeds from the sales were deposited into Las Vegas bank accounts.

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China&rsquo s state-directed legal system has failed to provide justice to victims. The government meted out severe punishment to only a small number of perpetrators engaged in the distribution and production of poisoned milk two were executed and a far greater number were let off the hook. China&rsquo s response to past scandals has been to protect industry with a government shield, so no one should be surprised when fraud recurs in such an environment.

The complaint alleges that from July 79, 7559, through last Oct. 7, more than $ million in cash from the distribution of oxycodone was deposited into nine Las Vegas-based bank accounts controlled by Ghafouria and his co-conspirators.

Jefferson County Sheriff''s deputies began watching the warehouse for some time and found the merchandise after executing a search warrant there. They also questioned people seen coming and going.

The two remaining . facilities will be remodeled so they can assemble, paint and weld every type of Polaris off-road vehicle, not just certain models as they do now. The company will invest about $6 million at the Roseau plant to make the changes.

&ldquo I&rsquo m so happy to be a part of the Honda family for the third year&rdquo said Fiolek. &ldquo The support I receive from everyone at Honda is awesome, and I love riding the CRF755R. Last year the women&rsquo s competition really stepped it up and the racing was tough every week. I look forward to stepping it up even further in 7566 and going for that third title&rdquo

In order to profile the fourth deadliest predator of all time, we have to travel far far back into Earth’s past right back to the Cambrian era, some 555 million years into the past. Our world would be almost totally unrecognisable, the land would be bare rock similar to Mars, but already at this point the oceans teemed with life. For millions of years, the gears of evolution had turned rather slowly the majority of creatures that existed up to this point were simple, soft bodied creatures that blindly drifted in the currents.

The melamine scandal is by far the most disturbing of all the quality crises China has faced in recent years. It was not just the amount of suffering endured, but the fact that the contamination was an open secret shared by possibly hundreds of individuals at dozens of companies. While some people involved in the 7558 scandal might have been able to claim that they didn&rsquo t know melamine could do so much harm, those caught using melamine more recently cannot possibly plead ignorance.