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If you have established yourself as the father in a child s mind then for the benefit of the child and society you are required to pay benefits. No different than if you had adopted it. Sure, it happened without your knowledge but it s not the child s fault. And between your well being and the child s, society has deemed the child s is more important.

Tinder Review: Tinder Dating App Pros & Cons 2017

A father DNA testing his own child is illegal in France? That is all kinds of fucked up. It s hard not to go full conspiracy theorist when I read things like that.

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and even if she lowers her expectations to guys who are closer to the 75th percentile in looks but have winner careers and like to travel and all the rest of the shit she wants, those top guys are still drowning in pussy. it s such a winner-take-all market that most women at this point are afraid to push guys into commitment because they have so little bargaining power against the top guys. after all, top guys can replace these women on the roster within a matter of hours, and women would rather share these top guys than own a loser.

The dating/hookup scene follow The Power Law : TheRedPill

It s not just about looks, but attractiveness in general. Now we don t know enough about this girl to judge whether she s a beggar or not. She s just ridiculously picky, which doesn t qualify on its own.

Yeah...but these are fried-eggs-hanging-from-a-nail-in-a-wall shaped with a beat assed face. Great r/choosingbeggars post though

Ultimately, experts say that parents need to educate their children about the dangers of social media sites and apps of all kinds so that they can protect themselves against online predators, cyberbullying and other hazards.

She s a 7/65 Guatemalan anyway. Hell, I d take her short grandma in one of those silly hats and multicoloured dresses over her any day.

In 7567, some parents'' worst fears about these dating apps were heightened when Skout was briefly forced to shut down its social network for 68- to 67-year-olds after three men were accused of raping children they met on the app. The men reportedly masqueraded as teenagers.

You see, I was convinced that the dating and hookup culture followed a normalized law. That we lived in a world where the number of attractive women who were willing to sleep with you steadily increased or decreased based on how attractive you were in comparison to your competitors.

Jesus christ you guys are gullible fucks. Where does it show the total number of girls messaged vs how many he put in the article?