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Dear Eric, thank you so much for the valuable information you post for us women it truly helps us see things from a man 8767 s perspective. Keep them coming!

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Thank You Eric!
This has been so helpfull. I am dating a guy in the freak out stage and while I would love to text him and tell him every crazy thought going through my head right now I know I 8767 d only lose him. I have been able to stay strong this week and play it cool and when I feel weak I reread this advice and breath!! Lol I will not have a crazy woman moment with this man! However, what 8767 s the cut off on giving him space? When will I know that he 8767 s just stringing me along or not? Thank you soo much my dating guru!!

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Hey, Eric! Very well-witten article! I am a teenager
with a theory about the man (the ONLY guy) I 8767 ve
been interested in. He seems to be interested but holding
back. He tells me that he loves me alot. 8775 Hello, love! 8776 He
would say..And it makes me smile. He is very mature and loyal. I am not sure if i
understand his context. What do you think? Thanks!

I have a question, I dated this guy once and he said he really enjoyed it and would like to do it again. And he texted me straight after we met and said thanks for the night and hopefully can do it again. but when i texted him a day after, he just didn 8767 t seem that interested in meeting up as he usually reply straight away but now it takes him a lot longer to reply, but he still said sounds good and what i would like to do.. what have I done wrong? Is he really attracted to me?

I don 8767 t like when people do this in general nevermind a potential 8775 mate 8776 . So am I suppose to let this go or let him know it bothers me? Cause it does bother me (and that is me being me) and so I let him know that that isn 8767 t cool. Mind you, I didn 8767 t go crazy on him, just let him know that I HATE when people 8775 disappear 8776 like that.

If you like the androgynous look and you want it for yourself, more power to you. Go for it. In fact, there are some guy friends of mine that love women with the androgynous look. Just like there are some guys I know that love a woman with tattoos or any other presentation you can imagine.

If a guy has the power to choose, he 8767 ll choose the absolute best woman he can. The more women he has experience with, the more he 8767 ll know what type of woman really is the 8775 best 8776 .

Some of the happiest couples I know (I 8767 m talking *profoundly* happy) slept together on the first date. The whole idea of 8775 holding out 8776 is fundamentally flawed, inaccurate and destructive fortunately, you get what I was doing my best to get across

When you are happy and comfortable, you 8767 ll attract everyone. Everyone will want to be around you and they 8767 ll want more and more of you. They won 8767 t know exactly why, but they 8767 ll know they feel better when they 8767 re around you.