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This is where all the hidden charges show up. You pay for that death benefit. And the charges are rarely below 6% and then you add management fees of the funds on top of that. The management fees can be higher in annuities if they are funds outside the annuities family of funds. You pay to play. And once again there is no stepped up cost basis on date of death. That is an extremely expensive thing to have the heirs have to face should that happen.

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No, I m not some, diehard, policeman of the List, nor dogmatic narcissitic bastard. I m simply a speculator like yourself that wishes the Spec-List would get back to its roots as the Chair intended them to be. I ve benefited from it and am grateful. If you ve have too, then humbly state such. If not then please talk about bbq or something that pours wine into the Rabbi s vat that can be tested/counted or substantiated to any degree other than emotion or opinion.

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Having this hit my family the weekend after the downturn in the market brings an interesting metaphor. Everyone seems to attach such a permanency to moves in the equities markets especially when they move sharply down. It s like they instantly feel that zero is the next round number that will be met. Viruses run their course and immunities are built up. Wouldn t that be a good testing hypothesis for the S& P, the duration of a hit being sick and the time it takes to flush out of the body and back to normalcy?

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Unfortunately, fundamentals haven t improved much despite the real estate boom and commodity prices run-up masking an economic growth that is not healthy. High profile businessmen - bank presidents - still get shot in daylight in Bulgaria, (the country is a member of EU for six months now what a joke) due to their affiliation to organized crime (there is no other way to run a business). Imagine Sandy Weill getting whacked in a drive-by shooting to understand the strength of their banking system.

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Showing the green behind my ears, this is the first time in the 65-plus years that I ve been in this wonderful industry that M& A has been so plentiful and shown the effects on the markets it has with one-liner headlines.

We all have the desire to trust our fellow human and the con operates with this advantage. You may not always know when the con is on but if you feel the flattery (and a feeling you may miss the boat) then you may be a mark.

On an uncommon day such as today when equities, most of the commodities, and the Dollar are all up together, one can t help but reminisce about the simpler days of Who is bluffing?.

Mr. B. Holder (BH) puts $655,555 into the SP555 index 6/6/95, reinvests dividends into the index at year end, and pays tax on dividends out of his salary as school janitor. BH sweeps into retardment 67/7556, and notices that without taxes his initial investment became $555,687, including reinvestment of $77,776 in dividends along the way.

Life has taught us that anything worth having should come with struggle. In part this is true. We can only grow into we are supposed to become by hitting our heads and seeing things as they are, instead of how we wish to see them. However life cannot be a continual struggle and if you find that some aspect of your life always is, then well, you are doing it wrong.