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We already have more awesome games than we can possibly play, so why not add a bunch more? Here’s all the big games coming out this summer.


As we near the one-month anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, the shock of the storm and all it inflicted has mostly worn off, only to be replaced by despair and frustration. Read more

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Which is confusing to me because I thought we discussed this? Which leads to a weird ultimatum of “date me or GTFO.” Which, whoa dude, I mean if they were getting too attached and wanted to fall back to just being friends, sure. I mean it would suck for me but I value them as a friend more than getting off so after a minor mourning period of losing a fuck buddy I’d adjust and be a friend.

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Because of the spectacle-ruining nature of Mané’s red, we don’t know much more about Man City, Liverpool, or these two putative title challengers’ prospects going forward than we knew before. What the blowout did confirm, however, is that City forward Leroy Sané is absurdly talented and a blast to watch, and that for the love of all things fun and righteous the team needs to let that kid cook.

So, what’s going on here?

Well, part of it is cultural. Even in this day and age, guys still don’t believe that women might just want to bang like men do. It’s taken as holy writ that women catch feelings like we catch colds and that regular banging will eventually lead to commitment because a woman who just likes to fuck? Well, there has to be something wrong with her. And let’s be honest: some dudes see a woman who says “No, I just want no-strings sex,” and hear “IT’S A TRAP!”

You’ve already done what you could to make this as clean a break as possible. If you’re worried about her, then you can provide her with numbers for a therapist or call her friends and let them know that Jenny could really use their love and support right now. But there comes a point where she’s going to have to be able to handle things on her own.

I can’t remember the last time we employed more competent defensive backs than accused domestic abusers. But hey, at least we’re cracking down on the not-actually-shoplifting problem!

Evangelical politicians who are "more sophisticated" to the point that their edges are dull need someone to remind them that the end game of going to Congress isn''t to be a Congressman. It''s to represent their constituents and to act like something more important than their re-election is at stake.

Your quarterback: Dak Prescott. Let me tell you what’s gonna happen to Dak Prescott this season, now that he’s the unquestioned starter and the Cowboys let Tony Romo dangle for three months before he finally decided to screw off and retire to the booth. Any time Dak struggles—and he will—Dallas fans will IMMEDIATELY beg for Romo to come back. It’s a lock.