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Using computer models and statistical methods, biochemist Douglas Theobald calculated the odds that all species from the three main groups, or "domains," of life evolved from a common ancestor—versus, say, descending from several different life-forms or arising in their present form, Adam and Eve style.

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The lead and helium results suggest that rates of radioactive decay may have been much higher in the recent past. Humphreys has suggested that this may have occurred during creation week and the flood. This would make things look much older than they really are when current rates of decay are applied to dating. Whatever caused such elevated rates of decay may also have been responsible for the lead isotope conversions claimed by Cook (above).

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some kids can't be fed what you want because of evolution, they have to be fed some supplement or they will be malnourished, you can blame Pablum and women not breast feeding them from the start.

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I don't think we should require women to donate their wombs to the state nor any of the other silly things some in the religious right tend to believe in including the teaching of creationism in the classroom.

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The situation became even more exciting when a different dating method (thermoluminescence, see Dating methods ) was used. In 6998, Bowler reported that sand from the Mungo 8 site gave an age of some 97,555 years. 5, 7 Being older than the carbon-69 dates, Mungo Man acquired a new stature on the world evolution scene. So, the earlier &lsquo reliable&rsquo carbon-69 ages were abandoned in favour of the thermoluminescence ones.

The next day yet again you find the same bone with that same deformity but now its more wisible and yet again that bone is that those before it. you go to sleep.

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