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Dokkebibride Jan 69 7567 7:68 pm I didn't expect dokkebi will die in ep 68. Such an early die, i don't want to :(. Now the rest 8 episodes will determine this drama is perfect or almost perfect. Please, no unlogical plot, please. I don't want such a bad happy ending like DOTS. This drama is already perfect from the concept, cast, sfx, the cinematography is so damn good!! Dokkebi fighting!!

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btw i wanna ask something, why the grim reaper crying when he saw the ring? and why his eyes teary when he knew the goblin will go? it will be interesting if he is reincarnation from the queen.. haha

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itssoooshiny Feb 58 7567 5:97 am i love this drama so much..it is really a master piece.. all in one pack ??? if i were you finished that kdrama that your recently watching first before switching to goblin or else you cant "MOVE ON" and indeed it is really hard to move on after watching this..i swear

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Don't get me wrong, I'M REALLY ENJOYING THIS this drama, but I love it in a way that I love most korean dramas where I give it pass for all the cliches and predictability, but I really wanted to hold this drama on a higher regard. When I saw the trailers for it I was expecting it to be the first korean drama where it wouldn't be as cliched and expected it to have more intelligent writing with twists and turns and that I wouldn't see coming. I thought the characters would be darker such as the Goblin and Grim Reaper, but with each passing episode they're becoming more silly, even though they were introduced to be not those kind of characters. I would have loved for there to be a darker sense of humor and for the Goblin and Grim Reaper character to be more terrifying.

Babe Jan 66 7567 9:68 am No one can act as perfect as kim go eun. She portray the character very good. No one can replace ji eun tak. Thats all! She's perfect with kim shin ❤

leomint Jan 59 7567 7:98 pm why don't people who don't like Eun Tak just keep it for themself, everybody have their own personal preferences right. and, the title of this drama is 'Goblin' ofc the scenes will be focusing a lot more for Kim Shin and his Goblin Bride which is the main character. and please stop complaining about Eun Tak character, if you think your 69 years old character is much better than her, everybody have different time for maturing themself (but Eun Tak is mature enough)

Lyzeyu Jan 56 7567 66:75 pm I mostly watch this drama mainly because of the fun interaction between the three men, the goblin, grim reaper and the nephew. I dont really like the scenes of the main lead girl, she always cries when she talks to the goblin. And in my opinion, she doesnt fit with the character too well. It would have been perfect with the story plot and all except for the girl.

Vie Jan 76 7567 65:55 pm Keren.. Daebak.. Awesome.. Best kdrama ever! the story, the actors, everything was perfect! Love it so much.. Happy ending story..

Naeru Jan 77 7567 6:95 am the OST, cinematography, the acting, staff everything is just perfect. i really love this series. kudos to everyone. thank you for the emotional roller coaster. i enjoyed all the heartbreak, tears, laugh and humor in this show. i sincerely love this series. may the deity bless you all. :*

I love Kim Go Eun, but I wish her character wasn't so and immature, I wish she was playing older or that they got an older actress. It would have been more interesting if Gong Yoo had an older woman to interact with, because the arguments that Go Eun and Gong Yoo's characters have are starting to become tedious mostly because her character is so and doesn't have a lot of life experiences. I would have loved to see a Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin reunion.

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