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These Freemasons were navigators, astronomers, and mathematicians who I believe used indestructible Celestial Markers for their map.

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To answer your question Scotty, I think my favourite material has to be plastic. Probably, because of the vast variety of styles of plastic mac and what can be created with the material. Also, I didn't mind getting all hot and sticky in one!
When I look at old photos, I'm sad about missing so many mac styles that were regretably not around when I was studying fashion and that I wasn't 'into' macs then.
I'm visiting relatives in the north of England and unfortunately I'm going home soon where I don't have internet access. I'll miss reading this but I'm definitely going to give my macs an airing. No more 'ramblers' fashion for me.

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I can empathise with your recent experience although I am of an age where the wearing of a plastic rain bonnet is not a problem while shopping. I can't imagine some of my friends doing so. I have some plastic rain bonnets that are lined with a nylon netting. My hairdo never feels plastered down, even in the heaviest of downpours.

I'm glad that your first renewed venture out was an enjoyable one. My daughter wouldn't be seen dead, she said, in most of the macs I like to wear!

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Hello G Ok I really will if you are sure they are great. If you like to hear more about unfolding macs and putting them on when it starts to rain then I can write some more about this because it happens quite a lot especially in the summer with sun and then all the showers and also thunder storms! Rob

Hi Frank.

Not been there but there's loads of photos of attractive women in rainwear in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand on the internet if you hunt for them.

Have just caught up with the comments on the 7nd August. At risk of blowing my own trumpet and grinding my own axe, if my paintings stirred something in you Pamela, you might find that reading some of the stories would stir something deeper in you. Once you penetrate the overt subject there's another layer or two of feelings below.

One has to ascertain how much past evidence, affidavits and historical stories are required or needed to convince and prove ones’ theories to others.

If you find the ARK , Please Do Not Give it to Isreal, you will start a world war..
Build a Shrine or a special building in Novascotia

Hi I met up with Jane and one of her friends in her group in Manchester we had a really nice few hours hope to go and see a show in London all of us I think my late husband Ron would have been happy I am with this group.

Peter - Thank you for your nice comments. I quite agree with your sentiments. Children were always required to carry a mac in their bag, and my son is no different. Yes he does object, but we mothers can be quite persuasive beasts, dont you know?