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My best friend is looking for a horror movie made in the 6975's sometime where a nun is by the devil and has his child. Any help would be great.

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man sells weed, he puts it in coffee cups. Asks a girl to drive him around, she dose it for the collage money. He takes the girls sister to a party although she is underage. At the end he gets beat up and buys the girls cadillac from her and drives off.

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Assuming we 8767 re talking about women who are looking to date men, if those women were dating people they met in meatspace, then those guys they are dating wouldn 8767 t be on OLD anyway? That seems like an odd explanation, unless tons of those men are also looking to cheat.

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8) One day the boy and the girl are on a big Ferris and the boy tells the girl to close her eyes ( I think) and he kisses girl was a little frustrated and then said do it also was the voice of the old man saying " It would be the kiss he would compare everyother kiss in his life"

I love that the Venn diagram of guys who blame women and/or bullying for their lack of dating success and guys who call women 8775 professional victims 8776 when they talk about being harassed/assaulted is basically a circle. And by love, I mean that I 8767 m flabbergasted by the lack of self-awareness some of these folks have.

Also if you are gonna be a hater, you should at least go give yourself a good name, Kimchee would kind of advertise the Korean food, Thanks so much for the free ads

Eventually, we met up and she was staying in my flat but I made it clear she still had a place to stay if she said no to us being together. I went through that entire day waiting to see if I could kiss her because a mutual friend had decided to try and play gooseberry. When he d gone, she it made clear what she wanted and suddenly I was kissing someone I d liked for a long time.

The islands inhabitants are ex secret agents rather than rich and famous people but the thumb thing surely means you're looking for the Van Damme movie Double Team

It sounds like you are a completely empathetic person who is dealing with some nasty anxiety. You aren t blaming women-kind as a whole for your problems are you? Then I wouldn t worry so much.

I have stopped watching more shows because of between-season cliffhangers. The uncertainty and lack of resolution GNAWS at me. And then I either force myself to stop caring, which means I don t bother going back, or I settle it in my head, and then the show goes a different way, and I can t reconcile it.