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Can someone give me a better idea on how to distribute equity among founders. Also equity to investors and employees. I have searched many sites and everyone have a different opinion and none of them seems right.
Also what should be considered for equity allocation for future employee. Is it better to give equity rather than salary to early stage employees? If yes than how this is to be done?

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Great job on the article Steve, I have added this page to my favorites since it has a lot of resources and good information. I also want to let you know about http:// a website directory where anyone can find useful contacts with Australian businesses

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What are the free software tools and online services one should leverage for an internet start-up just getting started from an idea?

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Great links. Very interested for start up tools like what you had on this blog. Also the online survey tool for my list were very useful.

But Rapportive is acquired by Linkedin and they are limiting the data to Linkedin profiles only. I searched for alternatives and found a better choice, Vibe. I recommend to use Vibe ( http:// ).

A quick bug: cappucino isn 8767 t a rails deployment tool that 8767 s Capistrano. Cappucino is a JS development framework.

Are you aware of http:// ??? have a look, maybe as a collaborative resource on your list. Thanks for your work. I have lots to go through!

At we use Allora ( https:// ) instead of BuiltWith. It works faster and the prices are up to 65x cheaper. It also has a huge database of contacts associated with domains.

Would it be possible to add Retargeting Biz as a marketing tool for personalized communication dedicated to online stores? ().

Awesome list. Can I suggest a new section… “Web performance monitoring” or updating “Website/browser testing” to include performance.