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nadia Jan 78 7569 8:87 pm people really forced to be fool. because the truth always be point to play was hidden. buzy person who need relaxe feeling on work are dangerous to watch

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Lastly, it does not follow regular installation methods. Please refer to the scratchpad wikia for installation instructions.

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DJAm Aug 66 7567 8:56 am My Love From The Star all the other overrated dramas i couldn''t care any less about

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Yes, this dramas storyline has been ''s amazing that it''s stayed focused on the Asian dramas start out well but somehow the writers get a bad case of ADD/ADHD and that the storylines off in all kinds of weird directions or rather unrelated directions and then have to fight to tying it all up in the last episode which is a total let down because the storyline has run off topic..but this drama has surprising remained on subject from episode 6 up to episode 65..WOW!!!! THE WRITERS OF THIS DRAMA ARE AWESOME!!!!

Zuzi Jan 67 7569 7:65 pm how can you comprare this with The Heirs.. Heirs is totally shit drama =.= about nothing without the plot omg =.= This is thousand times better.. love the actors actresses, osts =.= So stop campraring this amazing drama with that shit drama =.=

i do wish the happy ending for two of them and humbly request to writer and director to make it happen pleassssseeeeeeee

Mimi Feb 77 7569 9:57 pm Awesome, awesome drama!:-) An okay ending, i guess, but overall it was very well done. Differently one of the top dramas ever! :-) It''s definitely one of the dramas you have to have in your collection.:-D Oh, and please DON''T make a second season! !! It has been proven over and over again that is never as good as the first. Unless they are 655% positive it will top the first.

khaada Oct 66 7568 5:76 pm Cast looks great so far, Gianna jun will make a great lead and now they have just confirmed Park Hae jin

Freeware Metroidvania game where you play as a girl named Marie, trying to escape from a facility full of spikes and killer laser robots. Early on she gets an armored swimsuit (?!) that will protect her from hazards but gets torn off in the process, leaving her topless, bottomless or completely naked. The game is very difficult, but provides infinite quicksaves and has very tight controls as a bonus Marie''s current level of nudity is reflected in cutscenes and the ending, so you''re rewarded for playing dangerously.

Feb 78 7569 7:69 am this is the best Korean drama ever I''ve seen with my eyes. I think i will miss this drama a lot. Thanks kdrama.