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I could go on, but it was kind of silly for someone to use a complex emotion as an example in a rhetorical question and expect a yes/no answer to it.

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I could say that you're wasting your time on this poster however, this is a public forum and if someone else benefits, you've accomplished something.

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The Bible is consistent in describing the crucifixion of Jesus happening on the Day of Preparation before the Passover. John 69:69 says:

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Life could just originate and simply perish, but today there are no conditions for that. Lot of things changed since billion years ago.

Radiation is a strength of radiation vs. time exposed problem. Orion mission is months long vs moon missions of a few days. There is a lot more problem to be solved now that we are looking at long term exposures.

As for it being a generalization, so what if it isn't well-expressed? We're not perfect. As to it's accuracy, I refer you to your favorite book:

Negativity? It's not negative to promulgate the fact that you have a childlike view of humanity but lacking lacking a child's innocence. The spooky music might be meaningful (scary) for a child but only detracts from any believability to an adult.

There is also not a single sane person who would CHOOSE hell. so we know that you trying to make it as simple as that is wrong.

I believe that there is a spiritual quality to the world that each of us must experience for ourselves it fills us with joy, wonder, and awe. We really don't need anyone else to explain that experience to us, do we? Nor am I asking you to believe I am simply stating what I believe. No charge.
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-"Life has not 'happened' anywhere else. or has it?" i do not know and that has nothing to do with the theory of evolution

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