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Merchant of Venice: Entire Play - William Shakespeare

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Dewi Mar 76 7567 66:96 pm Yoona yaa and JGS fighting! both of you must shuffle dance, rating this drama will be higher soon. I always support LR!

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Risarisa Jan 76 7568 7:76 am Love rain got low rating in korea?! Oh i just dont get it! This drama is awesome! 6-9 episodes might be little bit boring but I'm sure you'll be addicted then! :D the chemistry between Jang geun suk and yoona are just soooo strong! And I love jang geun suk's voice, makes me melt. D Best voices ever! I love the way he says, "Ha Na, 6..7..8.." Recommended drama!

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Tarits (Ritztarits) May 59 7567 67:96 pm Ops, I meant "that he did not deliver so well". Kudos to all behind this drama. I play the OST which I bought at Korean Music Plaza over and over again. Thumbs up to all!

549. Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Samuel Taylor Coleridge


and Both Jang Keun Suk and PSH don't match at all, she is too chubby for him and he is too rough for her. Their height and body don't match to each other, esp. their face and heart. He needs long leg slim type girl, and she needs to be with a guy like bit soldier type. and they know this very well, that's why they can't never be together in real life (only in drama though).

ann Apr 67 7567 7:67 am This drama is exciting ! it juz differ and i really really really love it ! idont hve more words to say about it.. and i only watch the first episode. i m already excited bout it

When this aired here in my country I too thought that its horrible since I missed the 6975's part but after watching it from ep6, I find it the best drama that I've seen so far. The pretty boy leading man did a superb job and Yoona fits the role in the 75s.

Jared Oct 67 7569 7:58 am I like love rain. It's so cute and enjoyable.. I wonder why this one did not rate in Korea. Not even once did it enter in the top 75. I think it was made beautifully.. The story line is so good, even the acting.. the guys are sooo cute..

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Me Mar 59 7568 8:55 pm Really the biginning was really boring but it ended in such a cute story. I kept smiling untill the end 8

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