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List of English Words derived from Sanskrit via Latin

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Thanks for the information but i didnt get meanings for winter, dew, morning and so many other words .can u please help me.

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But, on the other hand, you don 8767 t need to do that Only by their profile name and their paranoiac insulting comments, you may have already realised much more things for the real side of them -)


Thought to add MaxMuller intrepretation of history, geography, language etc etc motive behind it
Its difficult to tell and listen truth blunders in our History(not just India 8767 s)

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Scientific materialism the view that only viable way of acquiring knowledge is via scientific method and the only reality is material-is a philosophical assumption than scientific conclusion. How, for example, by the scientific method ,can one come to the conclusion that the scientific method is the only viable way of acquiring knowledge? from following the scientific method, can one know that the only reality is material?

In addition, the English words that supposedly derive from Sanskrit words do not! These similarities are because both English and Sanskrit descended from Proto-Indo-European. Obviously an ancient extinct language will not have any records but it is absolutely the only plausible explanation. Take nationality/ethnicity/patriotism out of the question and anyone will find it to be so!

dont you think it is silly to hold something to be true that has no evidence and while doing so dismiss that which has tons of evidence?

So since you can''t or don''t want to prove me that easter bunny doesn''t exist, therefore he does? I hope that spaghettimonster gains a lot of "believers" and gets coverment funding to spread it''s word. Maybe then you would understand that god claim is just as unfounded as any other claim one might come up with. Just because there is more people believing the same thing that you do, doesn''t make it more real or force anybody to take it more seriously. Only evidence to support it does, and religious people have no.

Just put in the minds that all the continents were once single part. You can google it or can join the continents in your map. But with the passage of time, they got apart from each other due to movement of earth and its calamities. And now you can imagine what would happen to the language which would exist in single Continent b9 aparting.
May be I am wrong, but seriously it looks like that.

Be it Greek Latin English Hindi Lithuanian Sanskrit is the mother of all Languages. Even Scholars like Voltaire, Immanuel Kant etc believed that Sanskrit was the root of all Indo-European languages.

I''m 65, and I see it as complete and utter bull s#$%. A man living in a whale for three days, a virgin birth, WTF? Have you all gone mad? How does this have any further meaning.. What book in this world is written to have further meaning than its text? NONE.