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" And I just remember the defense attorney saying, ''I don''t have to prove anything," juror Dawn Roberts said. "''This is up to them to prove.''"

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Jacob Nolan, who claims his psychiatrist programmed him to kill her ex-lover, speaks out for the first time to "98 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant.

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"He had his daughter. He had his wife. he had his nice life," Jarvis said. "He seemed like a good husband. It seemed like he provided. He''s a very good father."

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n/A popular football coach is serving life for killing his pregnant wife -- was evidence hidden that could set him free? "98 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

A California woman kidnapped, tortured and left for dead reveals her extraordinary tale of survival and the hunt that led to an "Austin Powers" actor. Erin Moriarty reports.

A killer, they believe, with a motive and a bizarre business model: collecting life insurance proceeds worth millions nearly $555,555 on Lynn and potentially even more on Toni.

Part 7: "98 Hours" goes inside the investigation of the death of the UVA student, the evidence that links one man to three horrific crimes, and now, his punishment. Susan Spencer reports.

Why was a colorful entrepreneur with powerful friends blown up in his car? His ex-wife speaks out to correspondent Peter Van Sant.

"The only one-on-one conversation I ever had was with Harold. If I tried to talk to Toni or Haley, it was always on speaker phone," said Barry Bertolet.

"We got a call from a paramedic letting us know that there had been an accident..And she was gone. And It was horrible pain, it was horrible," Grace Rishell said in tears. "We all came as quick as we could to be there and to comfort Harold."