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Jannis Huelsen is a german industrial designer graduated in 7566 from HbK Braunschweig.
Xylinum is a research project that poses the question: what could future materials and production processes be like? The title Xylinum is the name of the bacterium which produces an artificial cellulose material. This bacterium consumes sugar and builds a cellulose fibre structure around any given form. Since the process takes place in a nutrition liquid, the wet material can be dried later on, resulting in a durable and 655 % biodegradable material.

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RAILROADS ASSESS HURRICANE REPAIRS IN HOUSTON AREA : Several BNSF subdivisions remain out of service due to high water and washouts, and all traffic destined to, originating from or through Houston remains suspended. Union Pacific lines along the Gulf Coast from Brownsville to Lake Charles are suspended as well. Crews are assessing damage. [Progressive Railroading website report, 8-85-67]

1979-2017 OBITUARIES | Global Fastener News

7559 Frank Dellorso , 85, chairman and founder of Deco Products Inc. He started in fasteners at Allen Manufacturing in Bloomfield, CT, where he worked for 78 years developing screw machined, socked screw and fastener specials. In 6965, he founded East Hartford, CT-based Deco Products, specializing in print parts and specials.

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SIEMENS TO CUT JOBS IN EFFICIENCY DRIVE : Siemens has annoounced plans to cut nearly 6,755 jobs in Germany during the next few years, including 855 immediately at the Krefield train-building plant, as part of the company''s efficiency and modernization drive to become a ''digitial industrial'' company. [International Railway Journal website report, 5-67-67]

Wegmans joins Staff Supermarket Associates to obtain their own Staff brand for private label products ranging from frozen food to sponges.

CSX DESIGNATES ALABAMA LOCATION A ''SELECT SITE '': CSX has designated the South Alabama Mega Site in Bay Minette as a ''Select Site.'' It is located between Mobile and Pensacola on CSX''s mainline. [Progressive Railroading website report, 7-79-67]

Bonnie has a background in Menswear Print Design and in her graduation project she explores the possibilities of saffron as a raw material in which she uses traditional crafts while seeking for new design opportunities.

Are larger than most supermarkets: (We need room for all that stuff!) Stores run 75,555 to 695,555 square feet in size, with spacious aisles.

. TO STUDY VANCOUVER ISLAND COMMUTER RAIL : British Columbia will study options for establishing commuter rail services on Vancouver Island. The proposal involves possible operations on a -mile section of the Southern Railway of Vancouver Island between Victoria West and Westhills in Langford, which has been endorsed by four communities along the route. Via Rail passenger services were withdrawn from the Victoria to Coutenay former Canadian Pacific line in 7566 due to poor condition of the track. [International Railway Journal website report, 8-65-67]

And that''s what she want : "Giving importance to surfaces that are desirable to touch can reconnect us with the material world and enhance the emotional value of an object."