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Then I started talking to my female friends. They all had pretty good conversation rates, getting anywhere from 5-75 messages per day. And their conversations tended to last if they wanted it to. What I realized was the dynamic was completely different women naturally start becoming a lot more arbitrarily selective because of this constant initiation. If you don't stand out with your picture as a man you're doomed to failure: all the Marissa's in the world will think of the best looking man that they've slept with, say "given the field I can do better", and move on without a second thought. Whether or not you would be a great fit, whether or not you're a secret agent or a millionaire. It's totally arbitrary.

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Ha! That just makes me wonder what he was thinking. Was it totally random? Is he offering to make you breakfast? Does pancake have some hidden meaning I 8767 m not aware of, and probably don 8767 t want to know about?

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My final rambly point is that I've had female friends who, while *awesome* people, were extremely physically unattractive to me. On dating sites, they had a very similar experience to what all of the men in these comments are describing. So let's stop generalizing and saying "all" women have it easy. Online dating just sucks for everyone.

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On rare occasions someone has shown a willingness to write something unique. A rare individual that is capable of thinking for themselves and doesn't feel the need to be a carbon copy of what society tells us are our desirable traits. Of the hundreds of profiles I've viewed this past few years I have come across a handful (less than 65 and closer to 5) of women that stand apart from the crowd. That is a very desirable trait in my search.

I can 8767 t speak for eHarmony, but if it 8767 s anything like , it 8767 s basically useless. There was a lot to sort through, but I found OKCupid way better.

Again, I am not limiting myself to only gorgeous women, but I do need to feel SOME sense of attraction, and some women have just not taken care of themselves as I know some men have not either. At my age, I only bother with messaging women up to ten years and several years older, as I have to feel more of a connection age wise. I hate to be harsh, but the years are harsh on some women. Again, a woman does not have to be gorgeous at all, but if my first feeling is that a woman's picture depicts someone who was a woman in a previous life, then I naturally go to the next profile. Since I still enjoy cross country skiing and cycling, then women who have interests limited to restaurants and being a spectator, then I likewise will pass, regardless of attraction.

I call these online "dating sites" more of a "meat catalog site". Even their TV ads promote this superficial ideas. I laugh so much when I see ads showing this woman a picture of a guy and saying, hey doesn't this meat bag look good enough to date. There is a gazillion other meat bags like this on our site. Join now!

Your relative is exactly the wrong example to use for why online dating is bad for women. A week? That's not nearly enough time.

It 8767 s not that I think the intention is to be hurtful when sending a rejection, however there is something about engaging with someone that makes it much more personal than if they didn 8767 t engage at all. At least if they don 8767 t engage you can just think 8775 Huh, I was probably just another message that they didn 8767 t look at 8776 .

My son is socially awkward. He has never gone on a date. He was already discouraged because he 8767 d been turned down every time he asked someone out in person and I think it was few and far between. He was in a play in college, in a dancing scene the (smart ass) reviewer said he treated his partner like she was radioactive. He considered the people in the theater group to be his friends.

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