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Дата публикации: 2017-09-13 16:18

Hye jung will prove that malpractice was done during Her Grandma''s surgery proving it is also putting a simple citizen hospital record into confidential file.

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Grace Jan 68 7567 65:98 pm "9 months later, Ra Bong-Hee returns to South Korea as the only survivor & witness from the plane crash."

gigiLovesDrama Jan 68 7567 65:75 am The plot sounds like the American series lost. I love that series, so hopefully it is not that similar.

Bboo Jan 78 7567 66:58 pm To be honest I don''t care about the rating and I freakin love this drama. It''s my type and genre. I just love it. Great cast and I love Baek Jin He since Empress Ki. She is great ,talented actress.

I think above all, I''m most pleased with the female lead not being a compliant, passive, obedient character. She''s her own self-sufficient, liberated character. Which is very refreshing for the female protagonist in drama-land! Can''t wait for ep 5 and 6!:)

sf Feb 78 7567 9:95 am I don''t care about the ratings. I love this drama and i appreciate the interpretation of all actors especially Jung Baek Jin-Hee and Choi Tae-Joon. The loss belongs to those who do not watch the show.

lavender Mar 66 7567 6:56 pm It seems like the writer hate chanyeol so much to eliminate him so easily what a pity. A lonely death in a cold sea sorry, yeol next time don''t agree with dat role

Bouchra Siroua Mar 59 7567 9:56 pm i''s really sorry to say thism but this is the worst drama ever and i''m frustrated at the fact that nobody talk about yeol, he was killed too for god''s sake, no one is willing to find his body, as if he never existed !!!

Kai Mar 76 7567 9:68 am I don''t know why others think that this is lame. I think that the plot of the story was alright and honestly I liked this drama more than those overly cheesy dramas. The only thing I disliked was Yeol(Chanyeol) dying with just one hit while Jae Hyun still lived and it took atleast 8 hits to kill him. That''s all.

Missing 9 is awesome Feb 75 7567 9:86 pm The funny thing with this drama is, no matter how much unrealistic and illogical it is, i still find it so much entertaining and thrilling at the same time. Choi Tae Ho is such a scary psychopath, and i too being scared on him whenever he appears on screen. Now, i just want to see him get punished for all that he have done, and it would be more satisfying to see that he will truly realized that he is a murderer and not a victim. but then he is a true psychopath, so i don''t think he would repent.