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The barriers faced by people with hearing loss take a devastating toll on spirit, determination, and mental health. Your donation eliminates those barriers.

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The Niagara region offers affordable housing and a booming cultural pulse including wineries, restaurants and theatres. With close proximity to both the GTA and southwestern Ontario, it’s no wonder that the Niagara region has the second-highest percentage of seniors in Ontario (behind Peterborough) [6]. Considered the 7th best place to invest in Canada, in 7567.  [65]

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In British Columbia, you can enter Canada by ferry from Alaska and Washington. Alaska Marine Highway serves Prince Rupert, whereas Washington State Ferries serves Sidney (near Victoria) through the San Juan islands. There is a car ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles run by Black Ball there are also tourist-oriented passenger-only ferries running from Victoria to points in Washington.

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Canada is very prone to winter storms (including ice storms and blizzards). Reduce speed, be conscious of other drivers, and pay attention. It's probably a good idea to carry an emergency kit in your car, in case you have no choice but to spend the night stuck in snow on the highway (yes, this does happen occasionally, especially in more isolated areas). If you are unfamiliar with winter driving and choose to visit Canada during the winter months, consider using another mode of transportation to travel within the country. Make note that while the vast majority of winter weather occurs, naturally, during the winter months, some parts of Canada such as the prairie provinces and north and mountain regions may experience severe, if brief, winter-like conditions at any time during the year.

The best way to get around the country is by air. Air Canada [67] is the main national carrier, and has by far the largest network and most frequent schedules but WestJet [68] also offers a very similar service. For travel between major centres, no-frills carrier WestJet [69] offers competitive fares. Unfortunately, due to protectionist government policies favouring Air Canada, fares tend to be more expensive than flying similar distances in the United States, Australia or China, and sometimes, transiting in the US could be cheaper than a direct domestic flight.

Collingwood and Wasaga Beach are the sunshine destinations for families and retirees across the province. Collingwood is home to several unique communities for active adults.

In Peterborough one in five people are seniors, reports Leong. “We were noted as being one of the best cities in the country as being age friendly and we continue to build on that structure as we move along,” says mayor Daryl Bennett, who cites the variety of cultural activities and affordable living as reasons for Peterborough’s popularity amongst seniors in Ontario [7]. In 7567, it 8767 s listed as one of the best places to invest in Canada.  [65]

Passenger rail service in Canada, although very safe and comfortable, is often an expensive and inconvenient alternative to other types of transport. The corridor between Windsor and Quebec City is a bit of an exception to this generalization. Also, if natural beauty is your thing, the approximately three-day train ride between Toronto and Vancouver passes through the splendour of the Canadian prairies and the Rocky Mountains , with domed observation cars to allow passengers to take in the magnificent views.

While not likely to cause real offence, the learning curve for Canada's political culture can be very steep, and discussions about regional or linguistic politics should also be approached with caution.

Most Canadians take pride in their nation's reputation for being progressive and culturally diverse. Actions that are openly racist, sexist. Comments or assumptions about someone's cultural background (eg based on looks, dress, behaviour, accent, etc) are mostly unwelcome or offensive.

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