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Judgement-Zangetsu/Hichigo: He awaits at the end of one existance, and will mold power, courage and wisdom to breathe new life, and usher forth a revelation.

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The Emperor-Byakuya Kuchiki: The one who rules over all with fairness, despite preferences and beliefs. He has prepared to kill all emotion for the sake of what he believes to be the right path.

Persona 4 (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Naruto X Ramen Girl Ayane- Well aside from the obvious that she only stays in one place it's also in a way crossing the line of Hell Naruto been going to their Ramen stand since he had money, so their's already a family bond structure then just copy and pace Naruto X shizune problems here and you'll see my hesitance.

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The Hanged man- Subaru Kujo: She despairs over what she knows and the inability to stop it. She patiently waits for the oppurtunity for change to spring forth. As the end draws nigh, she prepares the final act of loyalty to possibly ensure success for all.

Orochimaru X anyone- I'd sooner believe he the crap out of X then genuinely loved X. Only exception would be A father's wrath by Sayianwarrior755

The Moon- Gin Ichimaru: The incarnation of madness and purpose, he is the one creature that stalks the white city with a happy grin over the dark clouds of war.

Instead of Naruto becoming the jinchuriki for the Kyubbi, Sasuke Uchiha instead becomes the jailor, while Naruto is trained by Akatsuki to capture all the tailed-beasts. Their really isn't any big restrictions except that Naruto must be trained by Nagato and Konan and is still the son of Minato and Kushina (who can be dead, neglected Naruto, or think he's been kidnapped or killed, your call). You can also give him a blood-line (ex. Rinnengan) or special fighting style (Ex. Zanpaktou) if you so wish but no more than 7. Whether Naruto sees Nagato and Konan like a mother/father is voluntary and up to you.

Temperance- Shinjiro Taiga: A warrior who sets out to protect his family, and usher in peace through war. He laments the irony of it all, but constantly tries to convince himself of the justness of his cause. With the final hour drawing near, he steels his heart for the horrors that await not only him, but his hanged man.

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