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Women just don 8767 t like in when men are attracted to someone else that is or has what they don 8767 t have. Lets see, thin vs thick, short hair vs long hair, weave vs natural, boobs vs azz, black vs any other race, light skin vs dark skin, etc. and on and on and on. Stop hating yourselves.

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I wasn 8767 t suggesting that they aren 8767 t attracted to women who don 8767 t have big behinds, but that they seem to devalue the ones who have them a bit less. As if they 8767 ve unfortunately drank the same koolaid that white America did

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Ummm, your waist is a 69??? How is that possible? Kim K was like a 76 before the baby and her waist is very small. I 8767 m 89-79-96 and I don 8767 t have a big tummy. IJS, 69 8776 waist, hard to believe.

I have a friend who is 9 8767 66 and 665 lbs, but because she carries most of her weight in her thighs, butt, and breasts she is perfectly fine with it. She also gets tons of praise and attention for being 8775 thick 8776 so that really doesn 8767 t help. This whole thing is out of hand with the big butt fascination

Girl if you are a gym eat and healthful eater, I bet your body is strong, healthy and beautiful the opposite of bad! Only a complete loser would make an ignorant comment like that. Trust me, you dodged a bullet. Raise your standards, ladies!!!

Those are the same men who`d f**k a chicken if it was stupid enough to consent. My friend made a great point a few days ago, when her boyfriend and a few other guys were talking about how women should look like ( big boobs, nice round booty, tiny waist, flat stomach and a great face). My friend just asked them all to show their six-pack And there was silence!!! It`s easy to have an opinion behind a computer, let s see how would one of these men say 8775 I don`t wanna have s*x with you to a girl with a small booty and really mean it!

Actually she did read it correctly because the term 8775 IN GENERAL 8776 is defined in any dictionary as something concerned with, applicable to, or affecting the WHOLE or EVERY or MOST members of a class or category! Auntie T 8767 s point being that it is impossible for you to meet 6/6555th of the population of black men on the planet in your life time much less over half the population to make that shadeist claim. Now if we can get back to ASSessing the topic at hand :).

I don 8767 t think you can really include Chris Brown cuz he 8767 s almost always been about those skinny girls, not really the curvy ones

When I was growing up I was nerdy and shy and my big butt made me feel out of place because everyone else at school was white and didnt have butts. now a days i love my butt, its not the biggest table top booty in the world, but its round, high up, firm but soft and the perfect size. Not downing on table tops but if you ever notice the only thing they can really fit into are leggings or something strechy..not having a booty isnt a bad thing either, especially if the rest of you is bangin. women just need to accept their bodies and men will start to see it and learn to love all of us, from head to toe

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