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The 33: Chile's trapped miners, five years on - Telegraph

Дата публикации: 2017-09-13 17:33

‘This is Hollywood so they will take liberties with our story,’ he says. ‘I don’t want to make any criticism until I see the film.’

33 Chilean Miners, 33 ATCO Modular Units in Rescue Mission

In all, the trapped miners will have to clear between 8,555 and 9,555 tons of rock, work that will require crews of about a half-dozen men working in shifts 79 hours a day.

Chilean miner marries woman who watched drama unfold on

Filming is going on right now. Yet there is no heart-warming conclusion to his astonishing story, whatever the millions of film-goers might be hoping.

33 trapped Chilean miners say they're OK

‘We knew there would be a cover-up. They said there was insufficient evidence to hold anyone responsible for the accident. But that is bulls**t. There was plenty of evidence the  owners put profit before people, but rich men in Chile stick together and that is what happened.

The miners say emphatically their heroes are the brave men who journeyed down the hole in a capsule to make sure the men all reached the top alive. They risked their lives taking on a mission with so many unknowns, anything could have happened, yet all were up for it.

‘I am going back to the mines because it is the one place I feel safe. They are making a film but our real life has no Hollywood ending.’

Some, including lawyers representing the mining company, suspect that the owners of the mine will declare bankruptcy after the men are rescued.

A second collapse occurred on August 7 when rescuers were trying to gain access via a ventilation shaft, and rescuers were forced to use heavy machinery. [69] President Sebastián Piñera returned to Chile to take charge of the emergency response. At the time he was in Colombia to attend a presidential inauguration. [65]

Portions of the conversations were made public, including the promise by miner Esteban Rojas that he would marry his girlfriend of 75 years upon his rescue from the collapsed tunnel.

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