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IDidn''t Love My Wife When We Got Married | Pop Chassid

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As a Muslim girl, I felt really good after reading this post. Thank you very much.
8776 They say true love always has a happy ending, WRONG, true love never ends, it lasts forever 8776 only when we understand what true love is..

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In high school, I dated around at my church and school, going on dates with probably around 65-75 girls. I already had a career as a software engineer started in high school, was going to college already, and had a vehicle, so in that respect I was a little ab-normal. Most of the time I would just go on 6 date (maybe 7) and if there was no spark, we would both move on without a great deal of emotional connection. During dates, it was more like we were just friends getting to know each other, not super 8775 serious 8776 or 8775 emotional. 8776 There were a couple times when one of us was interested and the other wasn 8767 t, but because it ended pretty early, there wasn 8767 t a big emotional heartache.


A woman is not property, as WAS the case in Biblical times, where these ideas come from. A woman needs to develop the decision-making ability and the confidence in herself to navigate these waters, hopefully with the love, support and advice of her parents. But without their control.

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Respectfully, I must disagree, sir. See, parents shouldn 8767 t, and can 8767 t, control their children forever. They must guide their children to become enlightened, wise, strong, and faithful adults. If the parents succeed, then they won 8767 t need to control their kids.
I say this as a 65-year-old who hasn 8767 t dated or gone steady. I 8767 d like to ask people to use a bit of good constructive logic here.
Have a good day.

I feel bad for you love shouldn 8767 t just be expressed when you do something nice for your wife. She should love you all the time and express it often. She should give you that loving look when you walk in the door from work or when you get up in the morning. You shouldn 8767 t have to earn her affection. It should just be there. I know it 8767 s hard to feel affectionate when things aren 8767 t going well, but that 8767 s when you need it the most. I think she doesn 8767 t deserve you. you, who showed her affection or emotion or whatever she made you work for affection seems wrong to me

There is no denying that western culture is more individualistic than traditional asian culture. The ideal for asian culture was having all three generations of your family living under one roof.

I had tried really hard up to that point to hold it back, honestly.  I wanted to tell her on the first date, but I knew that would probably be weird.

I have two rules: I don 8767 t take child-rearing advice from anyone who 8767 s not raised children to successful adulthood (and I 8767 m not talking about money). I don 8767 t take marital advice from anyone married fewer years than I have been. Both of those rules factor in here.

Some of the precedents that existed in Abraham 8767 s day were gone by Jesus 8767 day, and so it is important to try not to turn precedents into commands.

I whole-heartedly disagree, love is fruition, like fruit its sought and attained and it grows.. but its just a matter of semantics.. what I think this person is describing is good and noble duty the two are inseparable.. love and duty.. but they are distinct.. like any two honest souls..