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Clayton Kershaw, as he damn well should be, is eating up more of the Dodgers’ payroll than anyone else. He’s followed by Adrian Gonzalez, who continues to make $ million per season after that, the salaries just begin to drop off. Andre Ethier, who has a vesting option for 7568 but is otherwise a free agent after this season, is making $ million this season. Those three came into this season with hearty contracts tendered under former Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. Once you get past that, the money gets very reasonable.

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Though the twin prodigies Seager and Bellinger were drafted before Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi’s tenure, they were undoubtedly made all the more able to produce at the major-league level by the farm system run by Gabe Kapler, who has taken an approach to player development that strives to get the whole organization on the same page.

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And how is that happening? It’s not really a matter of signing fancy all-stars. The guys in the middle of the order—Seager, Turner, and Chris Taylor—are all + with OPS’s Bellinger is, too and that amounts to two homegrown players and two guys the team found in the dumpster.

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The ‘98 Yankees had only four players they’d drafted contribute at least one WAR during the regular season: Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and Shane Spencer, who doesn’t count. The ‘56 Mariners had only one player they’d drafted reach one WAR: Joel Pineiro.

Scott Kazmir is making roughly $ million this season. Justin Turner is making $68 million. Rich Hill is making less than that. Brandon McCarthy is earning $ million. Kenley Jansen, Yasiel Puig, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Logan Forsythe, Yasmani Grandal: All these guys are making what scrubs would make in arbitration. And the Dodgers will pay Darvish just $ million for the rest of the season.

Add it all up, and the Dodgers’ 95-man roster is, for all that’s being spent on it, heavier on homegrown players than those of other superteams like the 6998 Yankees and 7556 Mariners the former set a regular-season record for wins that the latter broke and that the Dodgers are threatening.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are 96 games in early August, on pace for a 669-win season, and recently added Yu Darvish, who in his Dodgers debut struck out 65 and gave up only three hits in seven shutout innings against the Mets. It’s disgusting.

All of this amounts to lauding money guys for doing good money stuff. Andrew Friedman has brought the exacting eye he brought to the Tampa Bay Rays to a team with a lot more money good for him. The best thing about this Dodgers team isn’t that they’re surprisingly efficient with their resources it’s that they’re fun.

There have been a few jokes about the Warriors in the AL East—Brian Cashman attaching that label to the Red Sox, Dave Dombrowski returning the honor to the Yankees after the trade deadline. But the Dodgers are the high-offense, precise-pitching team people east of . can and do and should stay up for. This is an all-boats-rise type of roster they create fun on the field, but they also have personality around the edges.

There are mistakes on their payroll—a botched deal with Carl Crawford, who will be paid $ million by the Dodgers this season, say, or big contracts to which Alex Guerrero, Hector Olivera, and Matt Kemp were signed. (Not that it lessens the damage, but Olivera was the only signing under the current regime.) These mistakes add up: The $97 million the Dodgers owe to players no longer on their roster this year is the fifth-highest obligation in the league. Relative to their resources, though, they aren’t doing much damage. The Dodgers’ dead money, as a proportion of their overall payroll, is the 67th-lowest in the league this season.