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Venice Beach Boardwalk
Venice, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA   ( map )
8775 The Keys 8776
Kramer is shown rollerblading down the boardwalk after finally making it to California.

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Elaine, at dinner with George, Robin and Michael, tells them about how she dated a matador named 8775 Eduardo Carrochio, 8776 who she met at a bullfight in Switzerland.

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8775 The Reverse Peephole 8776
George chides Jerry for not carrying a wallet, but Jerry turns the tables when he sees George’s enormous wallet. Elaine complains about having to replace Joe Mayo’s coat, the same as Puddy’s “Dr. Zaius” fur.

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8775 The Little Jerry 8776
Kramer tells Jerry that his bounced check is on display in the bodega. George announces he gets to visit a women’s prison. Kramer decides he wants to eat only cage-free, farm-fresh eggs. Elaine spots Kurt, dilapidated and depressed, over permanently going bald.

8775 The Sniffing Accountant 8776
Jerry and Kramer grow suspicious after meeting with their accountant, Barry Prophet, after seeing him sniffing constantly when he meets them at Monk 8767 s.

8775 The Bookstore 8776
Jerry finds out from his parents that Uncle Leo has prior convictions, and that they too often steal. Kramer and Newman debut their plan to have the homeless pull rickshaws across New York City.

Reese Roper : You may notice that we are not rock stars, because you will hear these mess-ups and you will say to yourself, "My God, what have I done? What have I done?! " Oh, yes, you will.

Ron Burgundy : All right, gang, it''s real simple. Just like when we were back together in ''Nam in ''69. I''ll take the point.
Brick : Stand down, Corporal Burgundy. I''m running this show now. Affirmative, a-ffir-ma-tive? - Affirmative. I''ll take point. Champ, right flank. Gator Dirty Teacup. We will fan out, to a cobra double-helix formation. If we encounter any hostiles, silent throat cuts only. On my. mark.
Ron Burgundy: Looks like the captain''s back.

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA   ( map )
8775 The Implant 8776
Kramer mentions he knows what a fake breast feels like because he lived in Los Angeles for three months. He also mentions he misses the warm weather, and wants to get away.

8775 The Nap 8776
George racks his brain on how to nap in his office. Elaine discovers her mattress was custom-designed for her body type, and was not given with sexual intentions.