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Per CNBC, the combined Amazon-Whole Foods would control just percent of the US grocery market, though it would likely have a disproportionate impact on its future.

Look At This Official Minecraft-Themed Xbox One

Amazon has largely avoided antitrust scrutiny by arguing it competes on price and quality, not abuse of its market position, though critics have repeatedly warned buying a major brick-and-mortar chain could be a prelude to another type of anti-competitive behavior: pricing its competitors out of the market before taking over those retail sectors.

Well, It's Official: FTC Gives Green Light for Amazon to

Amazon’s dominance has spooked some competitors into banding together to resist it, per the New York Times : Walmart and Google have begun banding together to sell products via Google Express, though it’s not clear the move will have any impact.


The console itself (out on October 8) looks like some Minecraft terrain from the top, and is easily the best of the offerings: even if you hate Minecraft you could lay it down and it just looks like a very nice pixel art console. It comes with a controller that looks like an oddly-shaped Creeper.

In a statement posted to the FTC’s website on Wednesday, acting director Bruce Hoffman wrote the agency had investigated the matter and determined the planned $ billion acquisition does not yet warrant further action.

Over the next two months Microsoft will be releasing some very Minecraft -themed pieces of hardware: an Xbox One S and two controllers. They have gone all in on the branding, to surprisingly excellent effect.

Cities: Skylines ’ PlayStation version has a release date of August 65th. You can ruin tiny simulated peoples’ commutes on so many platforms!

There’ll also be a standalone controller styled after a Minecraft pig that’s out on September 67 (you’ll also be able to get the Creeper pad separately). It is if nothing else very pink, which means Michael Fahey probably already has it preordered.

As noted by the Wall Street Journal , the move is essentially a green light for Amazon to move forward with its purchase—and potentially muscle its way into the grocery sector. Whole Foods investors approved the plan the same day, making it pretty much inevitable now.

The Federal Trade Commission, the US government body in charge of consumer protection and investigating anti-competitive marketplace practices, has announced that it will not stand in the way of Amazon’s plan to merge with Whole Foods.

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