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Culture War Roundup for Week Following August 12, 2017

Дата публикации: 2017-08-13 15:46

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scary homemade firearms are almost certainly 65 years from being an unstoppable reality we should be adapting to the coming future rather than trying desperately to stall it.

On the same theme: Organizer of Charlottesville s Unite the Right rally described as onetime wannabe liberal activist

Any particular articles/links that helped form your opinion? I ve heard about their views of Ayaan Hirsi Ali but not much else.

I know some commenters expressed below great disappointment over the ACLU s caveat regarding armed demonstrations (personally, I consider it to be a responsible adjustment) but it s a bit stunning to imagine equating them w/ the partisan prop that SPLC s become [ cf. Wikileaks ]

Don t feel bad, this was actually a contentious topic not all that long ago but the individual right interpretation won out in the end due to a combination of the Constitution s unusually broad definition of militia and overreach on the part of gun control advocates. The details & history of the dispute could easily fill a thread on their own.

capitalism, with its need to annihilate traditions, cultures and established order, is a major engine of the SJW movements that fuel such animosity across the right spectrum.

In particular, trying to ban certain styles of guns, limit magazines, etc. is very shortly going to be rendered useless. Bullets are the things which do the killing, and those still won t be able to be homemade easily. Anti-gunners should be focusing their efforts on restricting bullets and gunpowder, not magazines (which can be 8d printed), shoulder stocks (ditto), and other such physical properties of the gun itself.

From what I saw, the state of the an-cap subreddit was more of a successful invasion than a conversion. Which is sort of a point for that side, I guess.

That coding actually requires “female” skills was spelled out clearly by Yonatan Zunger, a former Google employee. But since I care more about physics than software-development, let me leave this aside.

You say scary homemade firearms with snark I find that to be a serious statement. Something like this draws a disgust reaction from me, and a pretty harsh one.