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Carbon Dating Flaws – Doesn’t Carbon Dating Disprove the

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Anyway, he claimed it was ideal, that carbon dioxide would spontaneously mix in the atmosphere of empty space at these great speeds by bouncing off other molecules doing the same. That’s when I discovered that he no longer had any concept of real gases. None whatsoever. I think that is how it is with you too.

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ALL FAITH is a disgrace to human dignity.
And all religion is a hoax of self-centered assertions
of the superiority of ONE 8767 S OWN GOD over someone else 8767 s.

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“I have NOT come to call those who are righteous, but only those who are sinners and need to repent.” – JESUS (Luke 5:87 King James V.)

And why would you think a perfect, all-knowing, all-loving god would create such an imperfect, dangerous book full of such bad cherries?
Why are there any bad cherries to pick?
Ever think of that?

It appears that you don 8767 t even realize that you are scrapping this remarkably successful theory much less supplying any replacement.

Carbon dioxide is a real gas, it has weight and volume and attraction, subject to gravity, an ideal gas doesn 8767 t have these, it has no real properties but you lot wouldn 8767 t know that, that 8767 s why you don 8767 t notice that the whole of the Water Cycle has been taken out of the energy budget. You don 8767 t know how clouds are formed in your atmosphere, they just appear magically.

What I have been able to resurrect from the days when I could do a mass, heat, thermodynamic and chemical balance (iron, slag, off gases) on a blast furnace, is the capacity to see complex problems and work through them.

Atheism is a wonderful response to the head-chopping, Plane-smashing, explosive, nihilistic, superstitious nonsense of religion which apparently has no limits to its inhumanity.

In more detail, my hypothesis is that surplus energy above that which can resonate will be converted to thermal energy. So the laser beam, even a CO7 one, has plenty of surplus energy. And of course its power can be amplified artificially with a bit of electricity. So it very clearly is nothing like spontaneous emission coming from a bit of carbon dioxide gas. In no way does it debunk what I have been saying about spontaneous emission.