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getting AC, I have thermostat with 7 wires, red and white, want to run new wiring to upgrade for the AC. Got into the crawl space looked at the thermostat wiring, I don 8767 t see a transformer hooked up to these wires, there is a transformer in the furnace, is this all I need to reduce the power to 79v

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Often times I find people who are reluctant to do their own electrical wiring. I always respect that. The truth is that if you or a licensed electrician does the wiring, it still has to be approved by an electrical inspector before the power can be turned on.

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I just had my security company here tonight, and, they used the fish wire device, simple. I also traced my basement transformer wiring to where they pair off I just might be able to join the two pairs that lead to bell box at the same position as splicing the hot and neutral

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Now, I have this new cool Vivint doorbell that Z-Waves into our system, but, it requires a power feed at the door, . the actual doorbell wiring. I know that the hot leg comes from the basement transformer, and the neutral from that same transformer routes to where the original bell box used to be

Hi Kevin,
Some electricians, and others in the trades that do electrical work, may use electrical tape to cover the connections of a switch, or transformer in the situation, as a precaution to avoid terminals being touched and shorted out. Just a preference.

You can determine which side of the transformer is the line side, or 675V side, because it will usually have a black and white wires to connect to with wire nuts. The low-voltage side will usually have a couple of screw terminals to connect your 68 gauge bell wire to. See diagram below:

Ring Doorbell requires Internet connectivity to connect and send push notifications to your device. Connecting to our cloud ensures that your Ring Doorbell can manage sessions and reach your smartphone and tablet whether you are home or away.

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Once you locate the transformer, test it again as earlier, but directly on the two terminals. If there is still no reading, replace the transformer with the same voltage level. If there is power at the transformer but no power at the doorbell unit, you may have a broken or disconnected wire. Check all your wiring and connections to be sure there are no loose or mouse-eaten wires.

Most of the wiring in the home will be simple circuits like lights, switches and outlets. These circuits are usually wired with non-metallic sheathed cable. Most people just call it Romex though.

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