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Drugs is a big culture amongst American students from high school to undergraduate but in Korea it 8767 s extremely not common and if done, done very secretly unlike America where it 8767 s done inside the school or with the school officers.

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You can 8767 t do that. You can 8767 t say to a group of women that they should be more sexually open and still expect them to look/sound/act innocent. Once Korean men/women lose touch with their traditional values, they will lose much of the 8766 charm 8767 of what makes Korea such an interesting culture/place. The two forces are inextricably linked. Seoul 8767 s traditionalism is what keeps it from becoming Los Angeles, which is a very good thing.

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yeah in western culture/north america people seem to love to watch celebrities crash and burn it 8767 s sick if you ask me. both cultures seem to be on two extreme ends of it one wants their celebrities to be 8775 trashy 8776 for entertainment, the other one wants them to be 8775 pure 8776 for entertainment! very strange and interesting i think..

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Simon and Martina did a TL DR on fashion sense and cool trends in SK that aren 8767 t considered cool in the west. People in SK are totally cool with pretty boys and don 8767 t really think of them as gay. As far as I know there aren 8767 t as many 8775 Macho Guys 8776 in SK, but Im sure there are some.

Yeah, but they 8767 re still examples set before the entire country. Which they knew they would be when they chose that lifestyle. They weren 8767 t forced. I 8767 m not saying they have to be perfect, but it doesn 8767 t seem so hard to avoid drugs, prostitution, and public drunkenness does it? I don 8767 t think so.

I currently live in a big city, and my house is located is a very crowd area and that obviously mean a lot of people so he have a lot of hostals like 8 blocks from here, and guys who make lines for their services =.= 8767 it 8767 s a big business in the world I think. it was funny how you talk about this xD

One thing I want to say on this topic, all you Korean drama watchers out there, you know how a lot of the times there are scenes where the men go to noraebangs, or karaoke places, as a sort of second round after drinking? And there 8767 s always these call girls, or women working there, for each of them to play with and drink with. I kind of find it funny that that kind of thing is shown on dramas, which are often very censored. I guess it 8767 s such a normal thing among men in Korea, especially when office workers (many of whom are married men) always go out to eat together, which are called 회식, and go to noraebangs afterward. I wonder what happens if you 8767 re a female office worker, that would be kind of awkward, hmm

It 8767 s not just because of the obsession with image, it 8767 s also because well first off Asians, for some reason, are still seperating boys and girls & treating them as unequal genders.
In schools you rarely see boys AND girls just 8775 hanging out 8776 to hang out. A boy and a girl are either friends from childhood, dating, or are friends with them just because they 8767 re dating their friend.
This makes for a lot of people, men, to not know how to sociallize with women - lonley - LUST FOR SEX
But of course this isn 8767 t the case for EVERYONE. Just for some people.

Ads are meant to sell. It 8767 s your responsibility to know when to stop (teenagers can 8767 t even drink in the first place) and it 8767 s adults 8767 responsibilities to monitor and teach the

It sure wasn 8767 t last time I went to Gangnam/Seoul, but okay. Yes they have Shopping Malls in Korea. That doesn 8767 t mean they 8767 re westernized. :| It 8767 s a super traditional society.