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Tales of the Emerald Isle
85 November

Comprising photographs based upon the Gaelic word teannalach (a West-Irish term meaning heightened awareness in a quiet surrounding) Irish photographer Enda Bowe &rsquo s new book At Mirrored River documents the people and places of small-town industrial Ireland. Each image aims to reveael the beauty of the mundane, and shines a new light on habitual scenes. The book is a collection of work that identifies &lsquo ordinary&rsquo suburbia as a place for artistic possibility. Available through Claire de Rouen Books , £ 86.

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Techno Raiders just uses the office as a setting for a platformer. You guide the titular Dilbert up the 687 floors of his office, electrocuting co-workers, avoiding crossbow-wielding secretaries, and navigating mazes through departments like sales, engineering, and the executive lounge.

How to Avoid Getting Sick on a Cruise Ship

Officecore has three subgenres, in rising order of scope: Desktop simulation, office simulation, and corporate simulation. Desktop sims turn the computing environment into a puzzle or arcade game office sims explore the workplace as a weaponless first-person shooter, RPG, or adventure and corporate sims work like top-down simulations such as SimCity or Roller Coaster Tycoon. Each provides a different commentary on the modern white-collar workplace.


While it’s a small and odd genre, officecore games share some definable characteristics: They imitate real life, and any divergence usually involves some satire or commentary. They focus on the elements shared by all office jobs, rather than diving into specifics.

But as discussed on Reply All , newer players got much sillier, replacing all the subtle jokes about fonts and social tension with goofs about iguana invasions and golden staplers. Years later, the current content is mostly middling, but this is still a fun destination for casuals.

The shape of things
9 November

A new exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York - &lsquo The Shape of Things: Photographs from Robert B Menschel&rsquo &ndash continues until 7 May 7567. The exhibition materials are gathered entirely from Menschel's generous donations to the MoMA archive over the last 95 years, including images on display for the first time. The final selection, whittled down from a vast collection of 559, are chosen for the way they chart the changing perceptions of photography. As Menschel believed, each generation re-invents photography &ndash it is a medium in constant, exciting flux.

Pictured: The Gay Deceiver, by Weegee (Arthur Fellig), circa 6989. Promised gift of Robert B. Menschel

Writer: Liberty Dye

As a player, you might use officecore to work out your workplace frustrations. You might find it useful for discreetly passing the time at a dead-end job. Or you might even learn something about yourself and realize you’re approaching your career all wrong. If the idea of playing a game that looks like your day job is off-putting, that already tells you something.

Job Simulator is a fumblecore game where half the fun is struggling with awkward controls. The incompetent feeling of this interface is reinforced by a tutorial bot that treats office rituals like exotic local customs, and who suggests you use “an ancient human technique called ‘winging it.’” It’s a familiar feeling to adults or anyone suffering from imposter syndrome. Comfortingly, the robots seem to be just as clueless as you are about how business works, and they congratulate you for banging on your two-button keyboard or assembling a dadaist PowerDot deck. You can’t really fail at this job.

You are constantly validated and “promoted” for your simple tasks. You feel the condescension from whatever computer handed you this “work,” and you realize you’re neither important nor useful. The only real change you can effect is choosing from four desktop wallpapers and four background MIDI tracks. It’s an interesting preview of a future (and a present) where human work is mere decoration around automated labor.

Powerful blow
8 December

In his new photo book Bomba , Thomas Prior captures the intense masculinity surrounding the sledgehammer festival in the small Mexican town of San Juan de la Vega. Every February, hundreds of local men gather on a desolate football ground to strap explosives to sledgehammers as a customary ode to an ancient battle, and Prior documents the destruction from the amateur ammunition. Noxious clouds of smoke pose as curtains to isolate the chaos from the public, and shrapnel travels as if wandering in the wind these photographs provide a sense of romantic fascination behind the rather absurd act.

Available to pre-order at Dashwood Book's website , $65.

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