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Though insulting to many, a perfect example of this would be shows like Maury, or Springer, where trans women come out and the audience has to guess if they were born biologically male or female. Most of the audience is totally wrong as to which guests are born male or female. Some people try to use the Adams Apple test, or the deep voice test, not understanding that there are men with naturally feminine sounding voices, such as Jerick Hoffer, (AKA Jinkx Monsoon of Rupaul 8767 s Drag Race), and women born with an Adams Apple, an example being actress Sandra Bullock.

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You 8767 ll NEVER 8775 catch 8776 me dating a trans-woman as I 8767 ve broadcast my admiration and intention all over the internet (see my Facebook friend me if interested). I just attended my third Southern Comfort Conference!

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Thank you so much for this article and for your appearance on Huffpost Live. Your work to raise awareness of transwomen and especially transwomen of color as well as transloving people is so loving and articulate. Thank you for advocating for Mr Cee to have the space he needs to understand his own desires and for encouraging your sisters not to settle for anything less than being openly respected and adored as the smart, strong women that you are. Please know that there are plenty of us out there who have your backs and want you to be seen and heard.

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I think it 8767 s also good that a lot of men are reading the articles on this blog and it 8767 s enlightening to see things from their perspective.

thank you Ms Mock for shedding light and useful information on a whole new world for most of the masses. education is a key that unlocks a whole host of doors and viewing most things through a lense of love and acceptance only enhances our desire to truly know one another. kudos on your writing , look forward to more articles.

Created for lesbians by lesbians, SCISSR adapts to each user no matter how they identify — dyke, queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious, and beyond — promotes interaction between all.

EVERYTHING you said truly lifted my spirits, because as a trans-loving person, the things you wrote are things I think about driving to work, in the grocery story- what we 8775 8776 call, 8766 on the regular 8767 . These are some of the many important topics that need to be brought to the table. So, THANK YOU, for doing what you do and will continue to do for our community!

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Thankfully, I 8767 m queer, and I find that many cisgender women tend to be much more open-minded and relaxed about my gender-identity. And other transpeople rock! But I 8767 d really like to have a little old-fashioned romance with a cisman who is proud to watch the heads turn as we walk into a room together

That issue aside however, I believe there is much truth in Janet 8767 s overall observation. The threat to a cisgender man (or woman, for that matter) of losing 8775 social capital 8776 over being publicly associated with a transwoman in a romantic context is I think a real one that exists as a potent consideration apart from any of the behavioral manners or sartorial choices of individual t-girls. Your comment seems to come close to tackling this key and awkward issue, but never really quite does so.

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