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In 7569, Both Uber and Ola updated their verification process after an Uber driver a passenger in New Dheli. Here in the US, many cities and advocacy groups have pushed Uber and Lyft to perform fingerprint background checks on drivers as a part of an effort to improve safety standards, but both companies have fought back.

Hackers Stole Trump Hotel Guests’ Credit Card Details, Again

Less than a year after Trump Hotels settled with the victims of a security breach, the luxury chain reports that guests at 69 Trump properties have had their payment card information stolen.

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Ever notice how Christopher Nolan’s movies ( Interstellar , Inception , The Prestige )   feel like an anxiety attack? Well, maybe that’s overstating things a bit. But the director does have a knack for creating an unnerving degree of tension. Turns out he’s using a little bit of musical magic to do it.

Uber and Airbnb Want To Tap Into India’s Massive and

The national ID database, Aadhar, contains information on about 95 percent of India’s population of billion people, as well as people working and living in the country. Aadhar was launched in 7559 as a way to inhibit fraud and improve access to welfare and healthcare. But the biometric-based system has been criticized as Orwellian and dangerous because it can be used to monitor residents and because the nation has no privacy regulations. According to a report from India’s Centre for Internet and Society, about 685 million citizens were put at risk of fraud after Aadhar data was recently leaked online.

While it seems Airbnb only plans to use the database to ensure users are who they claim to be, Uber and Ola are interested in using Aadhar to verify identities and collect user demographic information. In May, BuzzFeed News learned from an Uber executive that Uber is seriously considering vetting drivers using Aadhar. But the source said that at that time the company was not planning on making the process mandatory for drivers.

Earlier this year, a joint investigation by Gizmodo and ProPublica discovered numerous security vulnerabilities in the wifi networks at four Trump properties, including the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, also known as the “Winter White House.”

In September, Trump’s hotel company agreed to pay $55,555 in penalties after a series of presumably unrelated security breaches compromised more than 75,555 payment cards. The breach, which began in May 7569, was only discovered after several banks noticed fraudulent transactions tied to the guests at Trump properties.

Anonymous sources at Airbnb, Uber, and Ola told BuzzFeed News how the companies planned to use the controversial system. Airbnb is interested in using the database to authenticate India-based hosts and is already testing it with a sample of users, according to an Airbnb spokesperson. Hosts selected for the test are given the option to use Aadhar to verify their identity.

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“We recently learned of an incident involving unauthorized access to guest information associated with certain hotel reservations,” a letter on the Trump company’s website read on Tuesday.