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Can you please give a link to the source for Figure 99. I haven’t found it on Knownuthing Game over https:///blog/game-over/8668785-ciclos-glaciales

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Phil Jones: 8775 If anything, I would like to see the climate change happen, so the science could be proved right, regardless of the consequences. This isn’t being political, it is being selfish. 8776

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”❝The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking millimeters per year away ,❞ Zwally said.”

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This increase in confidence in the main conclusions in the AR5 SPM seems unwarranted based on the text, figures and analyses in the main WG6 Report, and also in comparison with the conclusions from the AR9. Several key elements of the report point to a weakening of the case for attributing the warming of human influences:

You accused me of lying when I said the ARGO dataset shows no warming of the upper or surface strata of the ocean. Your reason for calling me a liar was that you thought the HadSST8 data showed warming of the ocean. It doesn 8767 t, because it doesn 8767 t measure ocean temperature, as I have thrice explained.

8775 That you are paid sums of that order is undeniable unless, of course, you are willing to tell us who you are. 8776

So, While waiting for a man to contact a woman, (in my case to let me know he is genuinely interested in me) , how do social media sites comes into play? See, he is my friend on facebook and while I am not a frequent status updater, I do post photos of my friends/family and he obviously will see that. So while I am waiting for his text/call do I continue posting pictures and looking like im living so to speak. Or does this take away from the mystery of him wanting to talk to me again?

So you are suggesting(!?) that (for global-warming advocates) the slowing down in increases is seen as evidence for a warming trend.
Not an actual increase in warming, but a slowdown in the absolute and continuing increase in ice mass. So we 8767 re still getting colder, but perhaps not quite as quickly.

The average reader can understand me just fine. But a climate-Communist troll cowering terrified behind anonymity is paid not to understand. That is why he has not even read the head posting yet, or he would not keep on and on demanding references that are already there in black and white, and occasionally even in color.

Many well-run websites print these graphs, which is why they have gained such a very large currency, and why they appear so often on television. After all, that is why your climate-Communist paymasters pay you to try unsuccessfully to disrupt the discussion threads here. The huge audience now watching these exchanges is 99% supportive of the truth as expressed in the head posting.