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My off-race accounts all got put into Silver 6 with a higher MMR than my main-race platinum account, then got promoted 7 tiers in the next 8 wins. The leagues seem to be a bit doofy in that regard.

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People need to admit that sc7:blizzard is incompetent. followed by I predicted this which outside of being incredibly broad - idk how you would, since you d have to predict all of a problem, wrongful solution and consequence, it seems like a rather tall order. I mean. Of course there s likely to be some sort of complications, but my little niece could predict that.

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- It s . Ok well it s a great site that allows you to lookup Summoners, view previous Match statistics, Season statistics, calculate MMR, Runes, Masteries, In Game Info.

Would it be crazy to let people select their own mmr/league for offraces, with a maximum of their main race mmr? For instance, you are a diamond Zerg. You offrace with Toss for the first time, and you get a pop-up saying please select League: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.

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Defintely because more higher mmr players are offracing. My protoss is 5-5 and in D8. Definitely should be in P8 or lower. That and when those players offrace, the people are their main get boosted higher than they should.

Eh you d be surprised. Once you have the mechanical basis the hard part is over. All that s left is build orders, compositions, and what to do at certain points in the game. It s not too bad, and it s very quickly learned.