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Really? critical thinking has taught me that people who say things like "Anyone with critical thinking and half a brain who looks at the evidence against can figure out it was a hoax" are not critical thinkers at all, they are nothing but self professed experts who know very little and yet demand they know a lot.

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It 8767 s tough to build muscle by doing more endurance oriented things, especially as a skinny guy / ectomorph … but it 8767 s not like the goal of swimming or cycling is muscle or aesthetics anyway, so that 8767 s certainly not to knock 8767 em!

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Photos, shadows, flag, stars, etc. is BS, what really matters is the technology, which was simply not there yet. And we still don''t have it these days.

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All your answers are on all the moon docs. here on TDF. corey, from various commentors that are in the know, you will have to find them yourself, am sure you can do that right??

Who? - USA. One of the 7 competing superpowers at the time. Known to be actively involved in extending it''s influence around the war. Although portraying itself as fighting a noble cause, there is overwhelming evidence that the leaders would themselves go to extreme lengths to gain an advantage (Insert here any number of examples of US govenment involvement in unethical operations)

Hey Jean-Francois, not only do you not need to eat massive amounts of meat you don 8767 t need to eat meat AT ALL. We 8767 ve got lots of vegetarian ectomorphs who do a great job of building muscle, and even a couple vegan ectomorphs who do a great job. Meat is completely optional when it comes to building muscle. It is a great source of protein though, and eating an omnivorous diet certainly makes things simpler!

I agree with what you 8767 re saying too. If a 5 8767 7 man goes from 68% body fat to 8% body fat at 655 pounds he will have lost seven pounds of fat and gained seven pounds of muscle—that 8767 s huge! Both the fat and the muscle will be very very noticeable.

What matters is this. It took approximately seconds for the hammer and feather to hit the surface. If this was done in that vacuumed chamber (ON EARTH) - the hammer and feather would hit the surface sooner. The FACT is that the hammer and feather hit the surface (YES OF THE MOON) seconds after being dropped at exactly above the surface. It''s drop rate: /s square. (NOW DON''T THINK TOO HARD - YOU MIGHT HURT YOURSELF. ASK YOURSELF - IS /s square the gravitational pull of the MOON or the MOON?)

There are lots of different theories about the best way to encourage someone to change. I think you 8767 re probably right—sending him this link might not be the best thing right now.

Correlation does not always imply causation. Yes I too believe that it must have been an option they discussed, but only until it was well thought out. Just as Randy has pointed out Russia was watching us like a hawk. There is no way we could have faked this without them exposing us as fakes. Besides we left physical evidence in the form of a mirror that they still use to judge the distance between earth and the moon. They shoot a laser and when it bounces off the mirror and returns to earth they can calculate the distance down to a few centimeters. As Randy also mentioned almost every astronaught from the Apollo program has permanent radiation damage.

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