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Smosh. these guys are my youtube guilty pleasure

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In January, 7567, Ian Hecox is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He makes the hard choice to not tell any of his friends or family of his impending death he simply wants to feel Ordinary.

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But it also makes Smosh feel far less mediated, and far more relatable, than any movie star or traditional celebrity. When a Variety survey from 7569 asked 6,555 high school students, judging relatability, engagement, and generalized influence, Smosh ranked No. 6 — beating out traditional stars Jennifer Lawrence (No. 7), Daniel Radcliffe (No. 67), and Leonardo DiCaprio (No. 75), as well as all the other YouTube stars on the list.

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I know that each chapter averages as about a week of Ian's life, but this chapter is very heavy and wordy, so all you see is Ian's therapy session. It'll give you a lot of insight on Ian and Anthony's dynamic, especially if you were paying attention to their history, as described by previous chapters. To me, Ian's decision regarding whether or not to tell Anthony is one of the most important aspects of the story. There's actually so much stuff packed into this week, that it spans three chapters! Don't worry, though, we'll get through this :)

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They’re winding down after taping a segment on the Today show, where they hammed it up on cue and flirted with Kathie Lee and Hoda, and are dressed a notch nattier than they ever appear in their videos, with expensive-looking jeans and perfectly fitted jackets.

Up to this point, the pair — in New York to promote Smosh: The Movie — had escaped recognition. In Manhattan, they just look like two handsome white guys: one (Anthony) who resembles an olive-skinned James Dean, the other (Ian) like a good-looking computer programmer. It’s not until they pull on the hammy, troublemaking mask of Smosh that they get recognized.

But none of those profits would be possible if people — millions upon millions of them — didn’t find them likable, relatable, and lose-your-shit hilarious. That’s the difficult thing to understand about Smosh: Their appeal lies not in their difference or uniqueness. It has nothing to do with novelty or even innovation. They’re normal suburban guys doing the thing that normal suburban kids love to watch: make magic, however basic, out of boredom.

"Sir, if you wanna pay for this yourself, the cheapest and probably the least effective method you could do would be a surgery, and that would cost over two hundred thousand dollars, not to mention you'll probably need more surgeries after that."

So they’ve figured out a balance: enough to satiate fans, but not so much as to lose themselves into the vortex that is the monetization of the self. Which, ultimately, is why Smosh is posed to succeed while other YouTube stars will blaze out: Their product isn’t themselves, but a style of comedy whose appeal is never-ending. And with an industrial infrastructure set up around them, they can expand that humor into every new corner, app, and distribution method.

“The comparison we like giving is to Jurassic World. People are getting torn apart — “Like, literally, blood splattering on the lens,” Padilla interjects — “there’s like mass murder going on, and it’s PG-68. And we can’t even say, ‘Sorry I’m such a dick.’”

Smosh is relatable — and average — in other, even more crucial ways. Their politics, if you could call them that, mirror the social liberalism that various research groups have identified as those of the next generation: a generation in which being gay, or having gay dads, is totally normal. The troupe of Smosh-like actors they’ve amassed as co-stars are a mix of race and ethnicity when asked if they hired so as to deliberately attract different demos, they look as if no one’s ever asked them the question before. “We just hired the people who were best for the job,” Padilla said. “But we did try to make sure that we had a split of guys and girls.”