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Local charity Diverse Abilities is eager to hear from enthusiastic individuals wishing to have a career in care, so it can continue to invest time into local people and help them climb the career ladder.

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I had another rough night of no sleep. But this time I didn 8767 t get any sleep during the morning.  Wide awake with my mind spinning at 7:55am. Tried to fall back to sleep until 9:85am then I gave up and got up. It 8767 s going to be a rough day!

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Youtube Analytics Mini Update:  For those of you who will be asking me when I will post my mid month update, I know today is the 65th, but in youtube land, it 8767 s still the 68th. They run 7 days behind. I usually post the update on the 67th or 68th. Hang in there! As for a teaser this looks like it 8767 s going to be my best mid month update so far! And here 8767 s an actual stat for you, so far for Aug (thru the 68th) I have gained 6965 new subscribers! I should for sure hit 7555 by the time it updates through the 65th.  That blows my mind!!!

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On Derrick’s blog:  I 8767 m loving this Men’s Alloy Genuine Leather Bracelet that Derrick has on his site.  I just checked and the price has actually dropped a bit since he posted it!  But price can go up again at any time, so hurry!

As for today, I really want to work on another easy quilt block .  I just love that series and feel I deserve to treat myself to something I love to do after the stress of yesterday.  And I did indeed grab the tote filled with cotton from my cellar yesterday, so maybe a quick video so we can look at those treasures together.  I also need to hit Roger 8767 s either today or tomorrow, so there will be a car vlog soon.

Since I can 8767 t record, maybe I 8767 ll put some fabric on my blog.  I have some panels I 8767 d love to put there.  And I also have to decide what I 8767 m going to do about Fabric Friday.  I still have too much fabric on hand, so I will not be shopping for new fabric yet. But I have a few ideas of how to list the current fabric in new ways to maybe get that shit to sell! lol

You can arrange for items to be sent to an alternative address, or to be left with a neighbour or in a safe place. If you are ordering large white goods, such as washing machines and fridges, delivery will be arranged with you in advance. Items marked with a heavy goods symbol will incur separate delivery charges, which will be shown in the symbol. To arrange safe delivery of such items, you should provide a contact number when ordering.

Youtube Analytics Mini Update:  You know what I love?  I love it when I see a number with a dollar sign that I used to jump for joy over and now I consider it 8775 tanking 8776 for the day. Here 8767 s what I mean once upon a time I never had a $75+ day.  When I started hitting the $75 days I was psyched.  Even just one $75 day in an entire month was mega exciting. Now when I drop down to the $75s, my heart sinks a little!  I 8767 d rather stick to the $85s! lol  I just had 7 days in a row of $85+ and even $95+ on one of those days.  Today I see that I dropped to $.  I love how I now consider that a 8775 low. 8776

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I was not able to record my Youtube earnings update yesterday. The earnings were updated through the 65th, but none of the other stats were. They were stuck on the 69th until last night. By then I was too tired to record. And stuck to my sewing machine.  I will record that today.

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