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However, this relief is only applicable if the computer is for personal usage If it 8767 s for business purpose, there 8767 s 8775 NO 8776 deduction allowed

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Nice post. Unfortunately while many dentists are very good, many are incompetent, too rough or plain ignore your wishes.
Recently I had an experience where the dentist said what shew was going to do, I told her loudly and plainly I DID NOT WANT her to do it, and she overrode my wishes and did it anyway.

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I am in process of divorce. Since it is my wife 8767 s fault because she cheated on me, I don 8767 t think it is her business how I claim for deductions. Can I still claim deductions on her?

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8775 Isaiah 6:69 If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land 8776 (processed, tinned food did not exist at the time God created us)

Contrition is important, but genuine repentance cannot be measured by how many tears a person sheds or how much time he has spent whimpering and sobbing while curled in the fetal position. Repentance involves deep feelings, but is not in itself a mere visceral response. As discussed above, it is a God-centered CHANGE of heart and mind. It is a choice , not a whim. It is based on love , not mere hurt feelings or self-pity. It is conviction and commitment , not an emotional state into which (or out of which) a person helplessly falls. The fruits of repentance do not flow naturally from a wellspring of tingling sensations or warm fuzzy feelings they are actions requiring deliberate choices.

Notice how, in each case, the call for repentance is linked to the message of the Kingdom of God. Note also that the statements above are summaries of the things John, Jesus, and Paul preached. This is most revealing. It tells us that the call to repentance is at the heart and core of the Kingdom message.

Note: You may need to use a program to convert the file into a watchable movie file. My computer used to not recognise the file at all until converted, but for some reason it's recently started downloading them as flash video files (.flv).

Lindsay, yes it is an honor to be a shepherd 8767 s wife! Also a challenge, but I 8767 m so thankful for grace!! I 8767 m so glad the article was a blessing. Regarding reposting, because the article is still viral around the world, I had to install a copy protect. I prefer that the article remain here on my website. You are, however, free to link people to the article through your blog, and of course you can print it off as long as the website name is on it somewhere. I never dreamed it would have this response, so it is obviously meeting a need. 🙂 Blessings to you as you minister!!
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At the end of the day, I suspect your (Emma’s) position might be “I’m talking about a specific – and also common situation, that many people resonate with, not invalidating any other people’s experience.”
But that’s not reflected in the language of the comic in fact, the opposite (“The mental load is almost completely borne by women.” “Women…remain the only ones in charge of the household.” “If this gap is narrowing, it’s not because men are doing more.” “It’s clear that men have to learn.” “…only feminists are demanding longer paternity leave” “…emotional work…also gets heaped on women” Etc.)

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