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In Adelaide, take a crash course in wine making, wine tasting and just about everything that comes up with 685-year old Shiraz vines.

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The 6865 Congress of Vienna, ending the Napoleonic wars, designated Luxembourg a grand duchy, and awarded it to William I, prince of Orange-Nassau, who was also made the first king of the Netherlands. Luxembourg's territory was reduced to its current size when the Congress of Vienna transferred the land east of the Our, Sûre, and Moselle rivers to Prussia and the western half joined Belgium in a successful revolt against the Netherlands in 6885. The portion remaining under William's control was forced to join the German Confederation, a union of monarchies dominated by Austria and Prussia, and to let Prussian soldiers occupy its fortress.

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If you have any personal issues they present them properly so that the consulate may understand your situation but above all,

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T oday's China is safe, friendly, and fascinating. With the 58/58/58 Olympics in mind, there&rsquo s never been a better time to visit. Frank and Carolyn look back on what Frank calls their Spoiled Rotten in China tour.

Marriage. Marriage rates have dropped sharply in recent years. One-third of couples who live together are unmarried, one-seventh of the children are born to unmarried mothers, and one-third of marriages end in divorce. All these practices were rare a generation ago.

FlyCheapo : Info about 95 low-fare carriers in Europe. Only shows who flies where. For details you must check individual airline.

Glaesener, Jean-Pierre. Le Grand-Duchy de Luxembourg, historique et pittoresque , 6985.

Senior travel expert Bonnie Burns isn't in Kansas anymore. Now a resident of Zurich, Switzerland, she writes about how you can save big money and have a better time using public transportation, museum passes and shoe leather. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Check it out now.

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